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Brighton Designer - Laura Foster

Laura Foster, an avid lover of travel, is not only inspired by the locations she visits, but by her own experiences. Many of her organizer designs have been born of her own need for an extra pocket or another zippered compartment.

What’s your background?
I have a degree in math. I started fashion school in Maui, and then moved to San Francisco and worked for an accessories company as a production assistant, then designer, and eventually took over the kids’ line. I moved on to become the design director of a hat company in Oxnard, CA. Later, I was living in Colorado when Jerry, Brighton’s founder, asked me to work on a small project in L.A. I’ve been with Brighton ever since.

What’s on your desk?
A photo of me in Africa with my friends, boxes of Pentel Rolling Writers (my favorite pen), a stack of Rhodia notebooks, a photo of my niece, and a variety of teas.

Your hidden talent?
I’m certified to teach Kundalini Yoga, and I have and play three gongs.

Describe your designs?
Practical and beautiful. They’re inspired by the way women really live in the world.

Trends you’re loving?
Investment dressing. I’m so grateful consumers are buying better-quality items. It will make such a difference in our world.

Favorite Collections
Newberry Collection
Mingle Collection
Madagascar Collection

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