Meaningful Jewelry from Brighton  Is a Timeless and Classic Gift

Meaningful Jewelry from Brighton Is a Timeless and Classic Gift

A time for gathering with family and treasured loved ones, the holiday season is one of the best opportunities for sharing gifts with meaning. Recently, meaningful jewelry in particular has been a huge accessory trend, since more people than ever feel compelled to collect and give wearable art with sentimental value. We've always believed in living from the heart, so meaningful jewelry is especially important to us at Brighton.

What Is Meaningful Jewelry?

Swirls of silver echo the timeless motifs of Celtic knots, symbols of endless love. 

Meaningful jewelry is any piece of jewelry that possesses special significance to the individual wearing it, either because of something the jewelry symbolizes or because of the person who gave the jewelry to them. 

Many times, meaningful jewelry pieces incorporate recognizable symbols like hearts (our personal favorite), crosses, flowers, trees, animals, the moon, and more. Occasionally, meaningful jewelry will feature an engraving like a quote or a person's initials or name. 

Meaningful jewelry is more than just a fashion accessory. It can become a personal talisman or good luck charm. It can symbolize love and commitment. It can honor the memory of a loved one or serve as an inspiration. It can also become a future heirloom, something that's passed down from one generation to another. When you have a piece of meaningful jewelry, you know it becomes priceless to you.

Meaningful Jewelry Gift Ideas

Have you been searching for the perfect meaningful jewelry gift to share with a loved one this holiday season? We've curated our jewelry collection to highlight some of our favorite meaningful gift ideas. Whether your loved one could use some inspiration, love, or a spiritual symbol, we have the perfect item for you.

Emblem Moon Necklace

 One of our etched inspirational pendants, our Emblem Moon Necklace is the perfect gift for your loved one, especially if you'd like to remind that person how special they are. Featuring the inscription "to the moon and back", it represents the boundless nature of true love, which will transcend any distance or length of time. The casual and on-trend dog tag style makes this pendant easy to style for everyday wear.



Emblem Shine Necklace

For the light of your life, our Emblem Shine Necklace is meaningful jewelry that's destined to be treasured for today and for many years to come. The trendy dog tag style is fun to wear and a no-brainer for layering, but the inscription of "Shine" will remind your favorite person to shine their brightest, no matter what life brings.



Sentiments Beautiful Convertible Reversible Necklace



This convertible reversible necklace from our Sentiments collection features an inspiring and uplifting quote on one side and an engraved sun on the other for a joyful and lighthearted look. The quote reads, "A beautiful life is not a place at which you arrive, but the experience you create." This necklace would make a perfect gift for the positive and happy free spirit in your life. 



Venezia Petite Cross Necklace

If your loved one resonates with the cross symbol and loves traveling the world, then she'll definitely appreciate the Venezia Petite Cross Necklace from our Crosses of the World collection. With its mixed-metal styling, this stunning cross is inspired by the Venetian masks worn at Venice's Grand Masquerade. A crystal at the center radiates brilliance.

Interlok Petite Cross Necklace



Elegant and understated, the Petite Cross Necklace from our Interlok collection is not only a religious symbol. This particular style, inspired by the endless loop of a Celtic knot, symbolizes eternal love. For any person you love deeply, this necklace would make the most perfect meaningful jewelry gift.

One Cross Charm Bracelet



A collectible piece from our One Cross collection, this charm bracelet is a true showstopper. Crosses in a variety of different styles, each one with their own "charm", dangle delicately from the modern link chain. For anyone in your life, this bracelet offers a beautiful and elegant way to wear symbols of faith.

Now that you've learned about some of our favorite meaningful gift ideas, do you have a better idea of who you'll be gifting with something symbolic and significant? If you'd like to explore all our holiday gift ideas, visit this page to see our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide. Each one of the meaningful jewelry pieces mentioned above would look amazing either layered or stacked with another piece, and all deserve a pair of earrings to match. 

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