Our History

MORE THAN 50 years of family-owned heritage

In 1972, our founders, Jerry and Terri Kohl, began pursuing their dream of creating exceptional accessories, including silver jewelry and leather handbags, designed in-house and crafted of the finest quality materials by master artisans. This approach, along with treating our customers as friends, is at heart of what we do.

The Brighton Difference

If you can imagine a family of brilliantly talented artists and masterfully accomplished artisans…each member with his or her own unique aesthetic, yet collectively dedicated to creating objects of beauty…you’d have a picture of how truly unique Brighton is and the magic that happens at our design headquarters in Los Angeles.

World Class Designs, Handcrafted to Last

Drawing inspiration from around the globe – art, architecture, nature, music – our designers have cultivated collections that speak to every woman’s style. Beginning with our designers’ renderings as a guide, fine artisans handcraft every stitch, detail and accent, using the finest materials available.

From The Heart: Brighton Gives Back

Since its earliest days, Brighton has had a passion for charitable giving. And whether it’s collecting shoes for those less fortunate or donating handbags to boost women’s self esteem, we and our customers are dedicated to giving back. One cause close to our hearts is the fight against breast cancer, raising millions for charities nationwide.


Through the Years