Find the Perfect Brighton Gift This Holiday Season

Find the Perfect Brighton Gift This Holiday Season

Shopping for the perfect holiday gifts is no small feat. You want to get exactly what she wants, so she’ll remember the kind gesture and think of you whenever she sees or wears it. You’ll also want to think of the best way to package and wrap your gift (we got that covered if you're too busy) and also the ideal time to give it, whether on Christmas or another meaningful day. 

We want to take some of the anxiety out of gift-giving, so you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying cookies and nog - and maybe even buying something special for yourself. Continue reading for our comprehensive guide to gifting Brighton this holiday season and beyond.

Make a List and Check It Twice

Before you can start choosing the perfect gifts for your loved ones, you’ll need to first brainstorm who’s made the “nice” list and what matters to them. It’s time to grab a notebook and pen or open a Word document. You’ll want to consider mom, grandmas, sisters, nieces, aunts, cousins, friends, hostesses of holiday parties, and even special coworkers. Don’t forget to add yourself!

Next to each person’s name, write some adjectives that describe their style, like: glam, modern, classic, elegant, understated, exuberant…whatever comes to mind. If you can think of something specific they’d need, like a new handbag for work or a pair of earrings for their upcoming event, list that too.

Set Your Budget

We get it: if you had unlimited funds, you’d gift everyone Brighton - and plenty of it! But there are other gifts to purchase, holiday foods to buy, and maybe even travel plans to book. Decide on your budget for holiday gifting and then determine how you’d like to best distribute that budget across your gift recipients. Will some of your loved ones get the “splurge” gifts? To make things easy, our gift guide includes gift ideas at various price points, like “Under $100” and “Under $50”.

Peruse Our Gift Guide 

This year, as we celebrate our Golden Anniversary, we’ve decided to narrow our vast array of gorgeous gifts to just 50 of the most festive, representing 50 years of gifting Brighton. Each of the 50 gifts represents a distinct point of view that’s unique to our brand, and there’s truly something for everyone. We recommend writing the numbers of the gift options next to each person’s name on your list. That way, you can stay focused and organized.  

Wrapping Ideas

 We wrap all our holiday gifts for free in ready-to-present packaging, so there’s no need to stress if wrapping isn't your favorite task. But sometimes you may want to add your own personalized touch, especially for the most special people in your life. Including some extra details or adding a handwritten card will allow you to fully express your creativity, something we encourage and love at Brighton. 

 Try making poinsettia flower accents from colored paper or add real natural details like pinecones and branch clippings to your gift. And who doesn't love a sweet treat? You can make gingerbread “hang tags” instead of paper ones. Finally, you can hand stamp or even hand paint some folded cardboard to make a beautiful greeting card, which you can fill with your own heart-felt sentiments.

Choose the Right Time

 While many people unwrap their holiday gifts on Christmas Day next to the Christmas tree, you don’t necessarily have to follow that rule. Perhaps you'll share your gift during one day of Hanukkah. Or maybe you'll enjoy Christmas Eve because it’s more quiet and peaceful. Other ideas include sharing gifts at office holiday parties or even during Secret Santas. Or you could present your gift in a completely spontaneous moment because it’s unexpected and surprising.

Not only will you want to consider your own gift-giving preferences, but you’ll also want to think about what your recipient will appreciate and remember the most. 

 At this point, you should have a great idea about who you’ll be gifting and what you’ll be gifting them. You may have also gained some new inspiration about how to make this holiday season better than any you’ve experienced before. Did you take some time to also choose something for yourself? You deserve it after all the thoughtful work you’ve done.

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