Why a Locket Makes the Perfect Gift for Your Loved One

Personalized, meaningful jewelry is having a moment, with more shoppers choosing to celebrate their loved ones and most cherished memories by wearing them close to their hearts. A locket is one of the most sentimental jewelry items that a person can wear, since the beautiful vessel gives you a place to store a photograph, affirmation, or other small token.

Lockets are also one of the best jewelry items for gifting, since they empower the gift giver to share something personal and special that will never go out of style. The necklace chains for Brighton lockets are versatile and adjustable, fitting most bodies and coordinating with pretty much any outfit. You can't go wrong by gifting a locket!

Since most people are familiar with lockets and how they work, we often forget that they have a rich and fascinating history, one that dates back to the 16th century. When you wear a locket, you're participating in a centuries-long tradition. Continue reading our blog post to learn more about the history of lockets and see some of our top locket recommendations.

History of the Locket

One of the earliest known locket specimens is from approximately 1575, and it's actually a ring, not a pendant. Queen Elizabeth I's treasured ring was set with rubies and diamonds, and it featured a mechanism that opened to reveal a portrait of herself on one side and another of Anne Boleyn across from it. Rumor has it that the queen always wore this meaningful ring. 

By the 17th century, lockets became more common, and people typically wore them to express their personal identities or their familial ties. For example, someone might wear their family crest in the locket. In the 18th century, lockets - especially the heart-shaped kind - were commonly used to hold locks of hair, which were often on display between two pieces of glass. The Victorians were very sentimental, so they strongly gravitated toward the locket concept. 

The look of lockets as well as the possibilities for personalization dramatically changed in the 19th century with the introduction of photography as well as photographic printing technology. Now, someone could print a photograph on paper and cut a part of it to keep in a locket. During World War I, young soldiers could give their loved ones lockets with photos of themselves.

Why We Love Lockets

Most people associate the locket with a heart silhouette, and Brighton has always loved hearts. Over the years, the heart has remained one of our most iconic and signature shapes. As part of our logo, it represents our passion for creating each one of our treasures. A locket can be a thoughtful expression of heartfelt love, either to a friend or family member or even to yourself. Of course, we have heart lockets, but we also have other memorable lockets as well.

Our Locket Recommendations

Loving Heart Convertible Locket Necklace - One of our top picks for holiday gifting, this vibrant locket features a glossy red surface with silver-plated star details. The locket can be worn two ways, with the red on the front and a textured, crystal-studded motif on the back. The best part is that you can make the necklace even more personal by uploading a photo, which we'll prepare with your one-of-a-kind locket. The 18-38" adjustable chain makes it easy for anyone to wear with any type of neckline. What a beautiful gift!

Sweet Memory Locket Necklace Gift Box - What could be easier to give than a locket that's already made for sharing with a loved one? Our Sweet Memory Locket Necklace comes packed in our elegant, red gift box, which is sure to surprise and delight. This iconic locket features a swirling design with crystal accents. The substantial size makes it a perfectly collectible statement piece.

Vita Long Locket Necklace - Embellished with a detailed arabesque design, this stunning locket is contemporary and innovative while dazzling with its quatrefoil motif. We love the long length - 34-36" adjustable - which looks amazing layered with other necklaces.

Floral Heart Locket Necklace - For the lover of flowers and gardens, this botanically-inspired locket design is a must-have. One side has an intricate flower design with crystal accent, while the other side is slightly more understated but still breathtaking. Like the other lockets, you can upload a photo, and we'll make your piece personal.


Which of these four lockets resonates most with you? No matter which one you choose to gift yourself or someone else, you'll surely make an impression that will last for many years to come. We'd love to see how you wear and style your locket necklaces. Please follow us on Instagram @brightoncollectibles and tag us using the hashtag #mybrightonstyle to show us how you’re enjoying your meaningful jewelry.