Brighton - The "Heartistry" Beyond Our Products

Brighton - The "Heartistry" Beyond Our Products

The "Heartistry" Beyond Our Iconic Design Motif

Some brands only showcase their hearts on Valentine's Day, but we love hearts all year long. Known for our striking and collectible heart motifs, we're committed to celebrating love every single day. Hearts are so important to us and our mission that we've even included one in our company logo!

We're passionate about creating hearts for all the special people in your life, including yourself. Whenever you need an uplifting reminder that love exists everywhere, you can count on us to have a heart that's perfect for the specific moment and any occasion.

Our History of Hearts

More than 40 years ago, Jerry and Terri Kohl founded the Brighton brand with a vision for a different kind of company, one that would be built from the heart. They focused on treating their customers the way they also love to be treated. 

Today, Brighton is one of the few design houses where our in-house designers, along with a team of artisans, create all handbags, jewelry, and accessories in the unique Brighton manner. Adopting a heart as our symbol is no accident.

The heart motif adorns many of our products, but it also represents our philosophy of putting our hearts into the creation of every single one of our treasures. We also give heartfelt contributions to charities throughout the U.S., helping to support women and families. We're dedicated to capturing memories and touching hearts!

Diverse Design Team, a Variety of Hearts

We're proud of our variety of hearts. If you think that a heart can only look one specific way, then you need to check out our assortment of heart-shaped products, representing many aesthetics and drawing from global inspiration. 

Our diverse team of talented designers are wildly imaginative and creative, and they love observing cultures from all over the world for new perspectives and ideas. Their designs represent this curious, open-minded approach to reinventing something as familiar as the heart. When you buy a Brighton heart, you're getting a thoughtful and inspired collector's item.

Heart Ideas for Every Style

No matter what her style, Brighton has a heart that's sure to make her swoon. Hearts are a universally-beloved symbol that transcends language, geography, and time, so any accessory with a heart is a no-fail gift idea that sends a tender message like "I love you" or "I care about you". Keep reading for our heart-shaped gift ideas based on personality.

The Romantic

Gravitating toward ornate and thoughtful designs, the Romantic in your life will surely love the Heart Leverback Earrings from our Reno collection. The Balinese-inspired jewelry in this particular collection recalls the intricate granulated details of the island's legendary designs. Sparkling crystal details speak to the Romantic's own heart.

The Modern Minimalist

She may like to keep things simple, but she's always stylish. She prefers having a small collection of accessories with major impact. The Petite Heart Necklace from our Precious Heart collection is an excellent example of that. Petite in size but high-polished and sleek, this necklace has a minimalist streak of fine quality crystals for just the right touch of detail.

The Lover of Luxe

She'll accept nothing less than the finest things in life. For this sophisticated and discerning woman, you'll have to give something especially iconic and beautifully crafted, like our Heart Large Necklace from the Esprit collection. With a gold-plated finish, sparkling crystals, and a substantial size, this piece shines like the sun.

The Memory Maker

The sentimental woman who loves to make new memories and reflect on old ones will appreciate one of our lockets like the Sweet Memory Locket Necklace. For the perfect gift, you can even upload and resize your photo using our online tool, and we'll prepare your locket for you. To learn more about lockets and why we love them, check out this blog post.

The Statement Maker

These Heart Post Hoop Earrings from our Esprit collection are perfect for the woman who loves to make a splash with her style. With their vibrant gold tone and substantial size, these hoops are sure to get her noticed from across the room. Small, crystal-embellished heart charms are a subtle detail for extra sparkle.

At any time of year and no matter what the occasion, you can send her heart soaring with our iconic symbol, which always speaks the language of love. What are some of your favorite Brighton hearts? Follow us on Instagram @brightoncollectibles and tag us using the hashtag #mybrightonstyle. We can't wait to see how you wear your love!