Zoom-Friendly Accessories

Zoom-Friendly Accessories


Why not arrange a "Zoom" brunch. Or cocktail hour. It's pretty easy these days. Here are a few tips on how to look your best while connecting with those you love.


A laptop is better than a phone – be sure to raise the camera to eye level for a flattering angle. When Zooming, it will be easy to see a necklace that skims the collarbone. So choose a short necklace. For the classically conservative, a nice collar length pearl necklace will make a big splash on screen.

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First, make sure your face it lit. Though a window may make for a nicer background, use the light for your face instead. And add a pair of two-tone earrings - these will match your other jewelry and are sure to capture and glisten in any lighting situation. Hoop earrings are also great as they add length to your silhouette and a hint of sparkle. It will give you that added highlight while you group chat – Helping you always stand out!

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You'll want something shiny on your arm when you sip your OJ or mimosa! A stack of bangles will do the trick. So if you talk with your hands, as most of us do, you'll have something to shine about. Oh, and don't forget the fancy glassware – no red cups allowed.

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And for that spring background, you can always click here to download some fun Brighton backgrounds.

Have fun! And most importantly, stay connected.