The Working Woman’s Workplace ER Kits – For the Office Hero

The Working Woman’s Workplace ER Kits – For the Office Hero

We all have “those” work moments—usually right before a client meeting. Transform those “oops moments” into small victories. The working woman's checklist for office emergencies—from work-life balance to whoopsies--shows you're ready for anything. Be prepared with easy kits to keep in your work space. You may end up the office hero.

All it takes is two bags full of must-haves for the unanticipated workplace emergencies. We have helpful tips for workplace survival kits below!


You’ve got this in the bag! Be prepared for little emergencies by keeping a little ER kit in your drawer. You just need a medium to large pouch or makeup bag. We have a handy checklist for those personal work supplies.


Assorted Adhesive Bandages
From new shoes to hang nails, you never know when you might need a bandage.

Girl scout cookies or the birthday cake pool, you want to have at least twenty dollars, broken into smaller bills, on hand.

Coughs, Stomach Aches, and Allergies
You never know when that sudden cold is going to come about. Stash a few cough drops and some cold medicine in your kit. This is especially helpful during a presentation or meeting. If you have allergies—keep a little allergy medicine in your bag. Lastly, some antacid and medicine for stomach problems will be highly appreciated.

Emory Board and Clipper
Hang nails and breaks can be a serious snag. A small emery board and clipper can come in handy.

Hair Emergencies
Keep a couple bobby pins or barrettes clipped onto a pony tail holder.

Stain Stick or Wipe
Welcome to the wonderful world of imperfection where fiddling with pens, drinking coffee, or makeup mistakes can happen in the blink of an eye. Blot out blunders with a stain stick or wet wipe.

Mini Deodorant
Particularly in warmer months, you don’t want to be caught bringing the hot sweaty days indoors.

Mints or Gum
Be ready for unplanned meetings or coming back from that great garlicky lunch.

Pain Reliever
There are enough headaches in your day. A small pill box can be the best bet for getting through rough days or helping a colleague feel better. Stay ahead of the pain by planning ahead.

Safety Pins
You never know when trouble will break.

Super Glue
If a shoe breaks, bead falls off, or any number of tiny breaks happen, a tiny tube of super glue will save the day.

Universal Chargers
The cord on your charger broke, you have a new Bluetooth device, or your colleague needs a little extra power. Keep a universal charger that can power up any type of device. A small “octopus charger” is a cheap, indispensable tool.


Not all fixes fit in a pouch. There are moments when the unexpected is more like an elephant in an elevator—absurd, overwhelming, and unavoidable. A bigger office emergency kit can come in handy in getting you out of uncomfortable situations. Forgot that meeting, lunch date, after work happy hour, or set of chores on a deadline that can’t be delayed? No worries.

For bigger workplace solutions, stock a backpack, large tote or duffel. A cute enough bag can come with you wherever you need to go. If you can’t fit it in your office, consider keeping it in your trunk.


Cap and Gloves
This is a definite life saver for unexpected happy hours. Even summer evenings can suddenly bring a breeze. Don’t let it put a chill on conversations.

Hand Towel or Washcloth
You’ll keep your toiletries together, but having a small towel for spills or face washing is a handy alternative to wads of paper towels.

Multipurpose Scarf
A fashionable scarf in a color that coordinates with almost all your outfits is invaluable. Choose one that is large enough to use around your neck or shoulders to cover stains. Keep it small enough that you could use it in your hair for rainy or windy days. A nice scarf can also help cover up a dirty or stained handbag—just in case there is a lunch you didn’t remember.

Slim, Foldable Flats
Go on, Super Woman. You are prepared to get to the post office on that break or replace that snapped off heel without a sweat.

You never know when you’ll need that extra layer for full-force AC, cold evenings, or a quick fix to a moment of accidental immodesty. Never worry about sheer fabric again. Make sure it has a clasp or buttons.

Sometimes you forget to stock your gym bag—or there’s a big event. Stash a toiletry kit in your office ER kit that has a tooth brush, toothpaste, all-purpose BB cream, hair tie, brush or comb, girly supplies, and maybe a change of undergarments.

Throw a compact umbrella in your bag for sudden showers.

Wet Wipes
Warm days or unexpected visitors, have some face-friendly wet wipes in your bag for whenever you need to freshen up in the office bathroom.