Best Makeup Bags for Big Bags or Long Trips

Best Makeup Bags for Big Bags or Long Trips

You go from work to the gym, and out for an evening activity from wake-up to wind down. Or, you have a long trip that demands more than little ER kits can handle. Life happens on the go and you need the best makeup bags for bigger days. You are ready to go—wherever you go. Whether it’s a big bag or a long trip, packing more can be an advantage.

Here are some helpful packing trips to go anywhere.

The Biggest, Best Makeup Bags

Small cosmetic pouches reduce a lot of weight, but they just won’t always do.

If you consolidate, you can pack everything you’ll need in a large cosmetic pouch. Look for versatile palettes that will take you from day-to-night. Apply thinner lines or dark brown or black for day looks and heavier for nighttime. That way you only need one pencil.

One trick to packing for anything is to separate your needs into separate pouches. Brighton has pouch sets. Pack your various bags for the different parts of your day. Freshen makeup anywhere with the smallest cosmetic pouch. In the medium pouch, keep your brush, some sunblock and hair accessories. In the largest pouch, keep your gym-friendly travel sized shower kit. You can easily pop it back into your trunk, duffel or bigger luggage.

You can also use a convertible pouch that you can unpack when you arrive or keep using as a makeup bag.


  • Face it, you’ll want to wash and prep your face after the gym or on your trip. Keep a mini-kit with mini-sized wash, treatments and moisturizer.
  • Body cream is a must. Oils can spill and ruin your bag. Keep a small tube with a screw-on top of body butter. The heavier creams go a longer way.
  • Sample shampoo and conditioner.
  • Stop stubble with a safety razor packed for emergencies.
  • Mini toothbrush and paste set.



Don’t get stuck squinting at your reflection in a window or trying to use silver wear to apply your lipstick. Pack your bag with easy-to-grab makeup holders with mirrors and a travel mirror. These little wonders can also save you from messes:

  • A lipstick case with mirror keeps your favorite shades lidded until they’re on your lips
  • Mirrored compacts instead of a tube, which can be better packing for smaller makeup kits
  • Travel mirrors that pack easily into easily accessed bag pockets. Travel mirrors, like the Brighton Snap Happy Mirror, make flawless failproof with 2.5X magnification.


Depending on your luscious locks, you may need a separate toolkit, or not. But it’s always great to have a few things on-demand. Stay prepared for high humidity, rain, and warm sunshine with a few hair must-do’s.

  • Dry shampoo is a salvation when days get busy. Travel size jars are available in drug stores.
  • Combs aren’t for everyone, but if you can use one it’s great backup to your favorite brush.
  • Hair oil in small container or sample will help tame flyaways, frizz and dry ends.
  • Two tough pony tail holders and a few clips or bobby pins.
  • Sample shampoo and conditioner. The small pouches pack easy for emergencies.

Pop these into your purse in a larger cosmetic pouch or keep them in a smaller cosmetic pouch.


A coin purse fits perfectly alongside or inside a large cosmetic pouch. Stock it with the littler essentials for easy organization. And with our designs, they make super cute makeup bags. Consider keeping one for on-the-grab:

  • Hair – Keep a few bobbies, barrettes and bands in a small coin purse with a little sample or small container of hair oil. Used eye-cream containers are a perfect to-go size of your bigger products.
  • Scents and solids – Love your perfume samples? Put a few in a coin purse with a solid perfume or small balm, like a rose balm. The balms are a perfect soft scent and work great on hands, elbows and lips.
  • Lipsticks – If you are a gloss and go girl, keep your lip kit separately. Stock a lighter day-shade, a darker-evening shade and a poppy gloss. (Great for keeping anywhere!)



Some equipment you keep at home, you can easily forget on the road. Don’t forget to pack these in your travel gear:

  • Small sharpener
  • Tweezers
  • Treatments like acne or cold sore creams
  • Concealer
  • Brushes! Two-sided brushes are a great space-saver
  • Cotton swabs (to help with everything)
  • A couple safety pins


For long days and longer trips, pack either day-to-evening makeup essentials or separate looks for each. Before dropping everything in your cosmetic pouch, layout each look in a column. You won’t forget anything. Then, put things you can consolidate (like foundation and mascara) in the column in between the two sets.






BB Cream + concealer


Powder and highlighter


Light shades, liner, mascara

Single palette, liner, mascara

Darker shading, liner, mascara

Contour + Highlight

Lighter blush or bronzer

Single palette

Bronzer or contour


SPF Gloss

Liner and Gloss

Matte Red



Emery board and clear coat




Easy up-do’s



To cut down on clutter, ask yourself what you really need. Will your BB do a night look with a little concealer? Do you need different mascaras?