Breast Cancer Survivor


Hi. My name is Beth, and I had a diagnosis of breast cancer just over five years ago. It sounds pretty simple. At first, it's just two words breast cancer. But as you know, there are a lot of different types of breast

There are a lot of different types of treatment, test symptoms, everything else. It can be very, very, very overwhelming. So my advice to you is just to stop. Don't think about the whole plan.

Don't think about how long the treatment is going to take. Take it one day and one session at a time. Good luck.

Breast Cancer Survivor

Joyce Budziszewski

Hi. My name is Joyce Budziszewski, and I'm the district manager in the central region for Brighton collectibles. And I've been asked today to talk to you about my experience with breast cancer. Yes, I am a survivor. I had cancer 27 plus years ago, and I am so excited that Brighton is doing a cause that is helping with our research to find what we can do to support breast cancer.

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Community Outreach

Since 2003, we've supported more than 300 Breast Cancer Charities in our local communities through meaningful in-store events. Contact your local Brighton for more information.