Mitzi Tally


Hello. My name is Mitzy Tally and I was honored to be asked by Brighton to participate in their breast cancer awareness video. My message is very simple. Get your mammogram.

My older sister was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 36. After her diagnosis, I became very vigilant. I got my check up. I got my mammogram every year, and I was really fortunate that for 15 years, no problems – went through them all clear, they became very routine. I never had a worry about getting them, until July 2008.

That year I had a check up. No problem. Went from my mammogram and received the shock of my life when they called me early the next morning to say they found something suspicious. You need to see a breast surgeon as soon as possible. So, that started my journey.

One of my best friends told me not to worry that this would be a year of my life and then I'd be able to move forward. She was so right. Following multiple surgeries, chemo, radiation and everything. I was so excited on April 29, 2009, for one of my oncologist to tell me you're officially considered cancer free. Thankfully, I'm still cancer free and I'm happy to be a twelve and a half year survival.

My cancer was only found via a mammogram. Had I not gotten it that year, it could have been another year or longer before it was found. And my outcome may not have been so bright. So everyone get a immigrant. Thank you again to Brighton for participating and for all you do for breast cancer awareness.

Everyone don't forget. Get your mammogram.