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Nautical Look - Charms


Coastal Charms With Model

The season's reinvented nautical and coastal classics put you in cruise control.

If there's one thing that's eternally true of spring/summer style, it's that nautical and coastal is always in! These looks have had their cachet, ever since the 1920s.
Styling Tips:
  • Anchors and shells
  • Blue crystal beads
  • Rope charm bracelets and mini post earrings

Woven Bead

Price: $11.00

Molly Spacer

Price: $9.00

Light Beacon Charm

Price: $24.00

Myrtle Charm

Price: $11.00

Set Sail Charm

Price: $18.00

Compass Charm

Price: $16.00

Shine Stopper Bead

Price: $13.00

Sea Ya Charm

Price: $18.00

All Aboard Charm

Price: $24.00

Overboard Charm

Price: $18.00

Take Me Away Charm

Price: $27.00

Tiki Drink Charm

Price: $15.00

Beach Pail Charm

Price: $31.00

Scuba Charm

Price: $21.00
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