Video: 20 Tips for Packing Light



Packing Clothes

When packing clothes, think 5, 4, 3, 2, 1: 

Pack five tops, including light layers and a jacket;

Pack four bottoms to fit various temperature and fashion scenarios; 

You’ll also want up to three dresses, and three pairs of shoes, including walking shoes and a formal pair; 

Pack two swimsuits and two handbags;

And you’ll also want one hat, one watch, and one pair of sunglasses. 

Mix & Match

When selecting your wardrobe use pieces that work for multiple outfits so you can mix and match. 

Christo & Ginger

Our Christo Cuff Bracelets and Ginger Snappy Minibags are perfect for this because you can customize a look to match any outfit. Packing a few extra flaps and straps doesn't take up much room in your luggage, but it'll give you a whole new look. 

Wear Your Bulky Items

Wear your bulkiest items on the flight. 

Tight Rolls

Tightly rolling clothes will save space but may cause wrinkles, so this is a great option for pajamas, scarves, and swimsuits. 

Fill Every Space

Fill every space you can, including the inside of handbags. 

Shoes In Bags

Place your shoes in bags to keep the rest of your luggage clean and pack at the base of your suitcase. 

Downsize your Toiletries. 

Use A Contact Case For Lotion & Liquid Makeup

You can use a contact lens case for storing liquid makeup and lotion,

Brighton Pill Box

And a Brighton pill box instead of packing bottles of pills. 

Small Item Storage

The French Kisses mini box or even a lipstick case can be used to contain small items. 

Brighton Jewelry Case

To keep your jewelry from getting jumbled, use a Brighton jewelry case. 

Stay Organized

Use packing cubes or pouches to keep your items organized and fill in the base of your luggage. 

The Bundle Method 

Use the bundle method to avoid wrinkling your clothes. Overlap tops going in opposite directions across your suitcase and then dresses and pants going long ways.

An Extra Tote Saves The Day!

Don't forget to pack a Live Love Travel or Heart to Heart Tote to bring home all your souvenirs.

Wrap pants and dresses around the pouch, followed by your shirts. 

Tuck Belts Away

Tuck belts into the outside edge of the bag.

Dryer Sheet

Pack a dryer sheet to keep your clothes smelling fresh. 

Compression Bag

Pack a compression bag to save space on the flight home.

Folio Wallet 

A folio wallet will hold your passport and boarding pass and it fits perfectly into the back pocket.

Use a Fob As a Luggage Tag

A fob doubles as an identifiable luggage tag on the conveyor belt.