Must-Haves for a Weekend Getaway

Must-Haves for a Weekend Getaway

The long weekend is a perfect time to getaway.  Many of our products are inspired by travel, so it's no surprise that we also encourage and empower you to travel and experience the world as much as possible. Many of our products were expressly designed to accompany you on all of your magical travel experiences!

What will you be carrying in your Weekender or Duffel to your next long weekend getaway? Our Weekenders feature original art, they fit overhead compartments, have 360 degree turning wheels, and are made of strong and lightweight ripstop fabric. The Duffels also feature original art, are made of strong and lightweight fabric, and are perfect for packing souvenirs from your travel adventure.

We know that packing for a long weekend getaway can sometimes even be more daunting than packing for an extended overseas vacation because you have to restrain yourself from bringing your entire closet. Keep reading this blog post for our favorite long weekend style recommendations and start planning for the next time you'll be skipping out of town.


New signature silver styles from our Contempo Collection will coordinate with anything you choose to bring on your long weekend getaway, from lightweight tanks and t-shirts to breezy sundresses and beyond. All these new styles resemble handmade pieces created by the talented silver artisans of Taxco, Mexico.

Medallion styles are trending this season, and we have four Contempo medallions to layer and style as you please. First, the Contempo Medallion Duo French Wire Earrings are the perfect statement earrings for summer days when the breeze is a nice break from the heat. The double-dangle medallions move with you and catch the sparkle of the sunlight on your face. Perfect for layering with the more delicate Contempo Medallion Petite Necklace, the Contempo Medallion Charm Necklace features an on-trend chunky chain you'll never want to take off. Finally, the Contempo Medallion Link Bracelet can be stacked with any other Brighton bracelet for a festive and playful look.


A long weekend getaway wouldn't be complete without a comfortable pair of sandals that will keep your feet cool and your entire outfit coordinated and stylish. Our Aisha Thong Sandals from the Interlok Collection feature the intertwined Celtic knot, symbolizing eternal love and friendship. The sandals are also adorned with hand-braided fine Italian leather straps for a sophisticated finish that will always look current and fresh. You get two internationally-inspired motifs in one!

Long weekends are all about carefree simplicity. The best part about these sandals is that they're available in two versatile colorways, black and tan, so you won't have to pack anything but your two pairs of Aisha Thong Sandals to match all your weekend outfits.


You may be gone for just one weekend, but you still want to look and feel your best during your getaway. With our hardshell Headlines Cosmetic Case, you can carry all your cosmetic necessities (and even some non-essential extras). Pack makeup, skincare products, fragrance, hair care products, hair styling tools, and even nail polish to maintain your perfect pedicure in this one, must-have case with 10 pockets to help you keep things organized. This cosmetic case also has a sleeve to fit over the Weekender handle and an elastic strap on the back, so you can secure it to a rolling suitcase if you do choose to bring one along for the ride.

But those are just the practical features! The most exciting thing about the Headlines Cosmetic Case from our Fashionista Collection is the stylish design as well as the eye-catching pattern. Sleek and seamless, this hard-shell case is a dream to carry. The colorful Fashionista art is literally inspired by fashion headlines, empowering you to unleash your inner fashion maven.


No matter where you're headed, you'll need a pair of sunglasses to protect you from the strong UV rays - and also help you look as chic as possible. A fashionable and well-made pair of sunglasses provides an air of mystique to any woman who wears them. Warning: you may even get asked for your autograph when sporting our shades.

These RX-friendly Interlok Braid Sunglasses are definitely a staff favorite for the summer season. With our sophisticated Interlok motif at your temples and a universally flattering cat-eye silhouette, you'll see everything more stylishly!

What are some of your favorite long weekend destinations, and how do you like to pack for them? Are you the type of person who fills a car trunk full of whatever you think you'll need, or do you like to keep it simple for airplane overhead bins? Follow us on Instagram @brightoncollectibles and share your travel style with the hashtag #mybrightonstyle, so we can keep designing products you'll love to take on your adventures.