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Power of Pink Vintage Bracelets

2019 Power of Pink Bracelet

Capturing the hearts of anyone impacted by breast cancer, this year’s chunky chain bracelet, designed by Maryam Nassirbegli, features a statement charm with a hand-enameled pink ribbon as well as the words, "strength," "courage," "gratitude," "be love," "trust," and "journey."


Designs through the years...

released in2018

Designed to be a beacon of hope and inspiration for all who are touched by breast cancer, our 2018 Power of Pink bracelet bears the words, “You Are Love,” “Gratitude,” and “Trust Your Journey of Love.” Each message reminds us we aren’t alone.

released in2017

The butterfly, a symbol of endurance, change and life, was the inspiration for our official 2017 Power of Pink Bracelet. Each swirl of pink on its wings was hand-enameled with care and love.

released in2016

Knowing that every two minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer encouraged us to continue the fight against this devastating disease with our 2016 Power of Pink bracelet, its pink ribbon making up half of its swirled heart.

released in2015

This year’s charm was filled with tiny glass pearls. Together, these little pearls can shake things up. They’re a lot like us—shaking things up, drawing attention to the critical need for awareness about breast cancer.

released in2014

Our theme in 2014 was the Power of One. Like the single charm on this bracelet, we emphasized how one touch can show you care, one life can make a difference, one handclasp can lift a soul.

released in2013

Our popular Meridian Collection was the design inspiration for our 10-year anniversary Power of Pink jewelry.

released in2012

With sleek silver on one side, and dazzling pink Swarovski crystals on the other, the heart on our 2012 Power of Pink jewelry suggested the power of bringing community together for a single cause: the cure.

released in2011

These are so much more than simply accessories. Each year's Power of Pink pieces are symbols of hope and love. A trio of chains gave this year’s bracelet a layered look.

released in2010

Our 2010 Power of Pink bracelet offered an updated, fresh interpretation of a traditional ID bracelet, embellished with the powerful message, "Love is all you need" in glittering Swarovski.

released in2009

We’ve got a heart for hearts, and a heart for women. Hand-enameled hearts were first hand-drawn by our designer, lending an ultra-personal touch to this year’s sweetheart charm.

released in2008

In 2008, we focused on survivors of breast cancer, showcasing their stories and giving encouragement to others. Like the tiny key on this year's bracelet, we believe the key to fighting this disease is in community and support.

released in2007

In 2007, we sprinkled messages of hope throughout our design with the idea of giving the wearer encouragement all through the day.

With your help, Brighton has raised more than $6.6 million for breast cancer charities nationwide since it first began its Power of Pink efforts in 2003.

This year marks the 17th year in our journey to find a cure, bring hope to our communities and make a difference.

Many of you have purchased our limited edition Power of Pink bracelets every year, wearing them every October to show your commitment to Brighton’s legacy of love.

released in2005 released in2004 released in2003
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