Accessorize Instantly With a Nursing Badge Reel

Accessorize Instantly With a Nursing Badge Reel

When you're a kid, wearing a school uniform is a blessing and a curse. If you're a fashion girl, it makes it slightly more difficult to rock your individual style but, on the other hand, it makes getting ready for school... So. Much Easier.
Then you enter the working world and, as a nurse, and you face a similar situation. Depending on where you work, you may (or may not) have a variety of choices of what scrubs or nurse shoes you can wear.
And while the nature of your work as a nurse is far more meaningful than the nurse uniform itself, you still want to look nice, and expressing your individual style can (and should) be fun!


Accessorizing your look is a way to be unique, but in many hospitals and medical facilities, wearing jewelry is discouraged or even against the rules (understandably so, in some cases).

One non-jewelry (yet still jewelryish) item you can add to your nurse uniform wardrobe is an id holder with a little panache. After all, it's likely you have to wear a security badge for work, and the only practical way to carry these is via a badge holder, a nursing badge reel or a lanyard, so why not make them cute?

Indeed, nursing badge holders don't have to be boring. It's easy to customize your look with badge holders and nursing badge reels that are not only functional but actually stylish.


If your nursing badge reel bears the name of a pharmaceutical company or healthcare company, we're pretty sure you can do better. Maybe it's a matter of hot-gluing a vintage button to the front of it, or maybe you want something that is ready to wear. has the nursing badge reel you seek -- it's just a matter of finding it!


One of our favorite lanyards is the retractable nursing badge reel. Attach one of these to the top of your elastic waistband or the bottom of your shirt, and beeping your way into your hospital is as easy as a pull on your badge.


Other cute nursing badge reels come in the form of lanyards that hang around your neck. Some of the ones Brighton offers allow you to personalize them even more with beads. Add your initials or fine quality crystals that match your scrubs. How fun is that?

No matter which option you choose, expect one thing to happen right away... you'll be getting compliments—pronto!