Artisan-crafted Ashanti saucer beads are mixed with silver swirls to give these new Mingle Medley pieces added flair. Beaded jewelry is having a moment, and with its lush colors the collection is ideal for spring and summer – a radiant, goes-with-everything look.

Hailing from the Ashanti region of Ghana, Ashanti beads are classically known as “talking beads” – gaining their name from the distinct sounds the beads make while a person moves.

The term “heishi” comes from Native American Peublo people of the American Southwest, where the technique of making these beads has been used for centuries. It means “shell” or “shell beads”.

Brilliantly conceived by Brighton Designer Beth Ferrara – who is inspired by both Brighton’s history and today’s fashion trends – the Mingle Medley Collection is made using a process that is unique to Africa. Artisans pour glass into a clay mold, heat the mold in a furnace to congeal glass particles and pierce beads with a cassava stem. With shapes that reflect the “perfect imperfection” of handcrafting, Ashanti Saucer beads look beautiful alongside the silver Mingle beads on the necklace.

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