Kyoto In Bloom Sakura

Spring is here, blooming with new exquisite art-to-wear jewelry, adding pink hues and cultural flair to your style.


  • Designer Catherine Hong found no shortage of inspiration for this collection on here recent trip to Japan.

  • The word Sakura is Japanese for Cherry Blossom.

  • Everything in Kyoto is designed - even this street manhole cover.

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  • Inspired by her visit to Japanese tea gardens and her love of the outdoors, Catherine hand-painted the colorful cherry blossoms for this equisite collection.

  • While there's no cocoon involved, our butterflies do undergo a metamorphosis of sorts, transforming from a simple sculpted form to a hand-enameled wonder of color.

  • Much like the painter takes a brush to paper, our artisans hand apply each color, one at a time, to our enameled Kyoto in Bloom jewelry.

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