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Brighton's beads allow you to become the jewelry designer. Additionally, with our collection-matchers, you can create charm bracelets and charm jewelry that complements Brighton's own designer jewelry collections!

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Shine Shine Bead

Price: $12.00

Rope and Roll Rope & Roll Bead

Price: $11.00 to $12.00

Available Colors:

Wingfield Wingfield Bead

Price: $20.00

Halo Halo Stargazer Spacer

Price: $17.00

Available Colors:

Brighton Treasures Americana Spacer

Price: $11.00

Spectrum Spectrum Bead

Price: $19.00 to $21.00

Available Colors:

Mother Mom Bead

Price: $16.00

Ice Cube Ice Cube Bead

Price: $27.00

Available Colors:

Crystal Voyage Crystal Voyage Bead

Price: $23.00

Brighton Treasures Sam's Hat Bead

Price: $19.00

Brighton Treasures Glitter Spacer

Price: $22.00

Available Colors:

Stardust Stardust Stopper Bead

Price: $15.00

Available Colors:

Beach Fun Bead

Price: $24.00

Shapes Of Love Bead

Price: $20.00

Son Bead

Price: $16.00

Art & Soul Art & Soul All Hearts Bead

Price: $16.00

Shine Stopper Bead

Price: $13.00

Available Colors:

Halo Halo Spacer

Price: $17.00
Video for Halo Halo Spacer

Available Colors:

Message Celebrate Bead

Price: $16.00

Daisy Bead ABC Daisy Bead

Price: $10.00

Grandmother Bead

Price: $16.00

Ferrara Ferrara Bead

Price: $15.00

Brighton Bead

Price: $12.00

Elora Elora Gems Bead

Price: $34.00
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