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Inspired by the imaginary great circle connecting the North and South Poles, the Meridian Collection exudes the allure of fine jewelry. 


Each piece is crafted with painstaking attention to detail, from hand-setting hundreds of pave crystals, carefully polishing metal to a beautiful shine and applying our specially-developed  lacquer, each piece is a labor of love from our craftsman.


In 2009, Brighton designer Kim Cruser-Scott created the Meridian bracelet with barrels of handset crystals linked together with a rope chain.


Each season, the Meridian Collection evolves to reflect modern trends. 


Each evolution of the Meridian Collection brings a whole new way to love these timeless classics. Make a sparkling yet subtle statement with a trio of delicate necklaces in varying lengths and express your own unique and personal style. 


The Meridian Collection caters to a wide variety of styles, making it a stunning accent for every wardrobe.