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 We are born artists. After nearly 50 years, we are still devoted to a lost art that most of today's manufacturers seem to have forgotten. Everything we make begins from inspiration; it may come from an antique chair, architecture, or a bizarre from halfway around the world. 

Our designers sketch every detail, and nothing is overlooked: front, bottom,inside, ends, and even the edges. Hidden messages add meaning, and functionality makes you wonder how you ever lived without it.

With every hand-braided accent, each stitch and each polish, our artisans make wearable works of art. 

We don't only make special things, we believe in treating people special too... From a warm greeting, a cookie, and beautiful gift wrapping, we strive to make our customers feel at home.

We stand behind our products with a warranty, and complimentary cleaning and conditioning for the lifetime of our handbags. 

And we stand by our communities by giving back. Together, we've raised over $9 million for charities in an effort to leave this world a better place... because we believe in doing something special.