Video: Contempo



The Art of Contempo

My name is Lisa Spayd-Sendre and I'm a Brighton designer. My designs are a reflection of my personality, my interests, and my experiences. 


What I want to bring to the wearer is a piece of art, a piece of wearable art, something that they can have for a long time...something that's going to be timeless. 


I want something that will be versatile. A lot of times with pieces, I tend to do something that's reversible or it could be doubled; it can be worn several different ways, so you have a lot of options with your accessories. 


One very exciting part about working for Brighton is that I get to continue to work on collections that I'm very passionate about. One of the very fun things I get to do is to lay everything out that I've designed for that collection and fill in the holes that I think we need, or certain silhouettes that might excite the product is a little bit more.


My intention when creating designs is to translate that passion that I feel when I'm creating in a lasting form of wearable art.