How It’s Made: Men’s Belts


“We are proud that we have been able to continually manufacture belts here in Los Angeles for the last 40 years now,” says Andy Fox.

Brighton belts start with the finest leathers from most prestigious tanneries across the globe. Using the same fine Italian leathers As prominent European luxury designers mostly from manufacturers with long-standing traditions in the gently sloping hills surrounding Florence. 

“We take the time to visit the tanneries in Italy, ‘cook’ the leather to our own recipe, so to speak, and have them designed to our specifications so that we get exactly what we’re looking for.”

Brighton's dress belts are all feather-edged for a sophisticated look and tightly stitched so that they will outlast other belts that are sewn with fewer stitches. And our proprietary Brighton-designed buckles and heirloom silver finishes assure that the wearer feels both  more professional and confident in equal measure. 

“People are amazed with the attention to detail. We dye the holes,” explains Chava Sanchez. “That is the mark of a fine belt, when somebody has taken the time to dye the holes. We can get a machine to paint the edges and do it in no time, but no, that’s not good enough for us. We paint the edges--we put 12 coats; sanding, painting, sanding again, polishing, Because that's the way the good process of quality is involved in the making of our belts.” 

“I think we make everything better because we make it here. I think it's because of the people we have too. We have the best designers, we utilize the best leathers, we make sure that what we're getting is quality, and we oversee the entire production process here in Los Angeles.”