Destination: France For Your Upcoming Girl's Trip

Destination: France For Your Upcoming Girl's Trip

When was the last time you planned an adventurous getaway - just with the girls? Round up your best friends, your mom and sisters, your college roommates, or women you've known since you were in grade school. It's time to plan a girls trip! There's no better opportunity than the present to spend quality time with your favorite women, so keep reading this blog post to discover how you can enjoy the trip of your lives - in France.


We can't think of a much better place to visit on a girls trip than Paris. With its decadent pastries and food, luxury shopping, picturesque architecture, and world-class museums, Paris is a place for making new memories with your best women. If it's good enough for Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo (catch them at the Louvre), then it's perfect for the girls! Even better - you can kick off your Paris girls trip by treating yourself and your loved ones to some Brighton treasures.

City of Love Charm - This charm is a sculptural tribute to the City of Light, and it's perfect for gifting yourself and your girlfriends. With a mini Eiffel Tower and a high-heeled shoe, this charm features fine-quality crystal details for that extra bit of sparkle

city of love charm with mini Eiffel tower

Paris Postcard Bead - Build your charm bracelet the same way you're building your memory bank with this whimsical bead, which features engraved words on multiple sides - "love from Paris"; "Bonjour"; and "Je T'aime". The French flag adds a pop of color.

Paris Fashionista Notepad - We can't imagine a more perfect surprise for your girlfriends than this playful notepad from our Fashionista collection, which gives you the chance to write down and reflect on all your favorite memories and sights. It's easy to toss into any one of our travel-ready bags

Palace of Versailles


If you're going to make the girls trip all the way to Paris, why not stop by the Palace of Versailles? It's a massive, gold-ornamented complex that was home to France's King Louis XIV in 1682. Located about 12 miles west of Paris, it's one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. For women who enjoy opulence and luxury, Versailles is truly a dream come true.

Brighton designer Kim Cruser-Scott was so inspired by Versailles that she decided to create her luxe jewelry collection based on the palace’s ornate design. These pieces are some of our favorites, perfect for a travel-friendly stack

Montagne Bracelet - With all the brilliance of the sun, this bracelet features a brushed gold and hammered finish. The eye-catching, statement design will quickly become your signature treasure. Inside, the bracelet reads "Seize the Day" to remind you to be adventurous on your girls getaway.

Grand Canal Bracelet - There's nothing quite as classic as a braid pattern, which is the foundation of this stunning and highly-stackable bracelet. Mix and match this bracelet and other bangles with your girlfriends, so you can all enjoy a fresh and different style every day of your trip.

Dauphin Bracelet - Another statement bracelet that's reminiscent of Versailles' impressive architecture, this piece is nearly as resplendent as the palace. The oversized links with their "watch band" styling will surely establish you as a worldly fashionista.

Besides the architectural structures, Versailles is also known for its awe-inspiring gardens. The current gardens, which still look as they did during the reign of Louis XIV, were preceded by a simple garden designed in the 1630s by landscape architects Jacques Boyceau and Jacques de Nemours. The look and feel of the garden, which evolved over the years, became the model for French formal garden style, and many wealthy people have attempted to recreate it for their own estates.

While you're wandering the garden, you'll want to have some garden inspired pieces from our Paradise Garden n collection, like the travel-ready Paradise Garden Phone Organizer or the Rosie Mini Camera Bag, perfect for holding your camera between all the photos you'll be taking

Do you feel inspired to purchase your plane tickets and book your accommodations? With so many amazing attractions and photo ops, France is an ideal place to tour with your favorite girlfriends and female family members.

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