Back To School Style For Every Type of Mom

Back To School Style For Every Type of Mom

When it's time to send the kids back to school in August or September, most of your shopping is focused on their needs - new clothing, school supplies, and possibly equipment for their sports and other extracurricular activities. Moms like you sometimes forget they should also be treating themselves to some retail therapy during this busy time of transition

Of course, you'll be the one who's attending PTA meetings, cheering at sporting events, and showing up at the bus stop. You need to look and feel your best as well! Continue reading this blog post to find ideas for back-to-school jewelry sets for every type of mom, from the extroverted lover of color to the glamorous minimalist and beyond.


You're the mom who's always looking for ways to organize play dates for the kids, mostly so you have an excuse to socialize with all the moms. When it comes to your style, you love getting noticed and receiving compliments for your highly curated wardrobe. From your jewelry and handbag to your clothing and shoes, you always make a point to wear something that will attract positive attention and make others smile. An Elora Set would be perfect for you!

Elora Collection Jewelry - bangle, ring, pendent necklace

Elora Gems Dots Y Necklace - Eye-catching and on trend, this necklace features translucent crystals in amethyst, aquamarine, emerald, and sapphire colors. The pierced silver scrolls paired with the dots blend together to create a harmony of color and form. You'll surely receive compliments for this versatile style.

Elora Gems Dots Soft Bracelet- A perfect pairing for the Y necklace, this link bracelet could potentially be stacked with all your favorite bracelets or worn on its own for a colorful statement. You'll love the adjustable length, which ensures a perfect fit every time.

Elora Gems Dots Post Drop Earrings - Taking you from day to night, these colorful drop earrings have plenty of movement to attract attention from across a crowded room. You'll love how they sparkle and shine with bold and brilliant color.


As much as you love being a mom, you sometimes daydream about taking a solo journey to a far-off destination like Tahiti or Bali. You have a Pinterest board dedicated to all your dream vacations, and you look forward to receiving new issues of all your favorite travel magazines. A set from the Pebble collection would be perfect for you.

Pebble Necklace

Pebble Dot Medali Reversible Collar Necklace - In Indonesia, the word "medali" means medallion, and this versatile statement piece is inspired by Bali, one of your dream destinations. The chunky, eye-catching design is memorable and sophisticated.

Pebble Dot Medium Hoops - To complement your necklace, you'll want some statement hoops that can be worn everyday, from the most casual outfits to your date-night looks. Like the necklace, these are reminiscent of Balinese artisan silver jewelry.

Pebble Dot Medali Chain Bracelet - A perfect match for the collar necklace, this is an impeccably-crafted must have that will inspire you to keep dreaming about all your favorite travel destinations.


You love looking your best, but you can't be bothered to dress up - especially on days when you're shuttling kids from one activity to the next. You're happiest in a pair of your favorite jeans and a pretty blouse or fitted t-shirt. When it comes to accessories, you gravitate toward silver and streamlined silhouettes. You resonate with laid-back Southwestern style. We highly recommend our Mosaic collection as well as some other silver stunners.

Mosaic Pendant Necklace - With Southwest mosaics etched into this pendant, you'll add instant intrigue to your everyday look. The pendant is topped with a tiny semi-precious howlite stone for a pop of color that will add to your laid-back style.

Mosaic Post Hoop Earrings

Mosaic Post Hoop Earrings - You can't be bothered with big hoop earrings or elaborate dangles, but you do enjoy comfortable, easy-to-wear styles. This pair from our Mosaic collection was made exactly for you.

Southwest Dream Plaza Flat Rope Bangle - Easy to stack and style, this go-with-everything bracelet is a staple for your daily jewelry wardrobe.


Meridian Jewelry in Golden Hue - Bangle, hoop earrings, necklace and drop earrings

You're attracted to everything luxe. It doesn't necessarily have to be expensive, but it should definitely look expensive, like you just stepped out of a red carpet event. Gold is one of your favorite colors, and you can't get enough of it, especially in bold and eye-catching styles. You'll absolutely love our Meridian collection.

Meridian Zenith Station Necklace - A station necklace is a classic silhouette that everyone should have in their jewelry wardrobe. This one from our Meridian collection comes with a gold-plated finish and dangling crystal details.

Meridian Zenith Station Hoop Earrings - You can't look luxe without a bold pair of hoops, especially ones like these featuring a rich gold-plated finish. We love how the crystals sparkle when you move through your day.

Meridian Zenith Hinged Bangle - Our popular Meridian barrel silhouette is geometrically updated on this hammered hinged bangle. It's the pinnacle of contemporary chic and great for stacking.


You love sparkle, but you'd also rather not attract too much attention. The glamour's all for you, not for others. In general, you gravitate toward dainty and delicate silhouettes. We recommend our Illumina collection, which was inspired by a kaleidoscope's mesmerizing patterns.

Illumina Solitaire Posts - These solitaire earrings are all you need to finish off your look, no matter where you're going or who you're meeting. You'll love how the fine-quality crystals sparkle and shine.

Illumina Petite Bar Bracelet - This sleek and stunning bracelet has the look of fine jewelry at a fraction of the price. If you love to see a bit of sparkle on your wrist, this is your style.

Illumina Bar Necklace - Every glamorous minimalist needs an everyday necklace on call when morning's are busy, and there's no time to think about accessorizing. This is the "hero" piece.

Which type best describes you? What do you like to wear to your kid's events and activities? Please follow us on Instagram @brightoncollectibles and tag us using the hashtag #mybrightonstyle on your photos and videos. We'd love to see your back-to-school looks!