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Why You Absolutely Need a Big Travel Bag

Particularly for fashion-conscious women, sometimes style is a bigger consideration than practicality for travel bags and accessories. We say, why choose? And so do our fans. That’s why Brighton’s stylish travel duffels and tote bags are a huge travel bag trend. And yes, you must bring that extra pair of sandals, little black jersey dress, and all the must-haves that scream adventure. So, they’re extra roomy and light enough to not weigh you down. 

big travel bag

Our big travel bags also fold up and pair with tons of small travel accessories to tuck inside weekenders, suitcases, or other big bags. It’s designer fashion and function! 

Duffel Bags – A Beloved Bag For Over Three Centuries

The duffel bag was invented in Belgium in a town called (you guessed it) Duffel. It was the 17th century and sailing was all the rage, but traditional leather bags were less than ideal. So the Belgians created a tough, durable fabric suited for travel. Duffel bags then became internationally popular as the travel bag during the First World War. Seafaring soldiers called them seabags. After the war, duffel bags became a fashion symbol for life on the go. They went from soldiers to surfers! By the 1960s, duffel bags represented surfers right alongside the Beach Boys. Popular because the large roomy bags could fit everything needed for travel, they’ve stayed a beloved travel bag ever since.

big travel bag

In modern times, travel is faster and more frequent. While our marines and sailors still carry standard issue duffels, the trendsetting duffel bag is a tough and super stylish lightweight travel bag. 

And, the only standard issue here is lots of packing space. Our designers have thought of everything including five external pockets perfect for things you need in reach.

The duffel bags at Brighton are made of practical rip-stop fabric (the same kind used for parachutes) and feature designer patterns that complement your personality and probably your travel clothing. The standout designs make it easy to pick out your bag from the drab in overheads or baggage checks. The extra-roomy, sleek silhouettes make them perfect for a weekend away, and the shoulder strap makes carrying them a breeze. And, they can be used independently or as part of your travel luggage. Talk about prepared! 

Want a Big Travel Tote That is Totally Perfect?! The Super Tote is Sensational

You’ll not only look stylish on arrival with the Super Tote –your clothing and coordinating essentials can easily arrive with you.big travel bag

Made of the same durable rip-stop fabric as the duffel, the Super Tote comes in the same stylish array of patterns that look terrific while you’re on route to every destination. As part of our designer travel bag collections, the Super Tote can coordinate with another travel handbag or luggage set for larger trips. Or use it independently! It really is an everything bag. 

The secret super hero feature of this tote is a locking top zipper with keys. Your valuables are safe in crowded airports, subways, trains, or however you get around. When folded, the tote fits into its own matching pouch. It really is the perfect travel bag for women on the move.

big travel bag

What To Pack Inside a Travel Bag: All the et ceteras

Looking for smaller travel essentials you’ll be proud to pull from your bag? Brighton has you covered. What’s inside your bag is impressive as what is outside.

From wallets and lipstick cases to card cases, pouches, cute coin purses and mirrors, it’s easy to polish your traveling toolkit. 

Hotel Travel Tip: Bring a badge holder, or lanyard, that attaches to your jacket or shirt. Put your hotel room key, the hotel's business card with its address, and other essentials in the card holder. If you forget a badge holder, buckle your luggage tag on as a card holder. Great for hitting the hotel gym! 

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