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What Makes Great Travel Bags for Women?

Having the right travel bag is like having the right pair of shoes—it can make or break your trip! Aches, spills, and weather can make a great trip more of a stumble. Choose your travel bag wisely, and all is right with the world. Great travel bags for women really are about being designed specifically for a woman and ready for everything.

What Makes a Great Travel Bag?

There are two non-negotiable qualities for a great travel bag. The perfect travel bag has to be lightweight and tough.

The best travel bags are light, so they don’t weigh you down.

First, your travel gear must be lightweight. Long waits in customs lines, schlepping bags into and out of vehicles, and long days on the move are a breeze with a light travel bag. Save your strength for souvenirs or business briefcases. 

A lightweight travel bag is also crucial to your physical stamina and well-being. Heavy bags add pressure on your back, shoulders, and feet. Avoid missing out by gearing up right. 

Your travel bag should be as strong as you are.

Second, a bag should be durable, just like you are. How many times your bag will be tossed, shoved, crunched, or hurled overhead while traveling?! Travel bags need to be durable enough to withstand planes, trains, and automobiles—not to mention buses, subways, and hired cars.

Strong and light? That means a smart travel purse, convertible backpack, travel duffel bag, or shopping tote should avoid hard metals, heavy leathers, and help you keep pace with your day. 

These two qualities are the baseline of a great travel bag for women

Meet the Lock It Super Tote

The Super Tote is one of Brighton's best loved travel bags, belonging to our Live Love Travel Collection.  It’s a lightweight, rip resistant, convertible, locking travel bag. In other words, it’s a perfect travel bag for women. Here is why it’s so super. 

This super light travel tote is tough as a paratrooper, but way cuter! 

Available in a variety of patterns, they are made from the same ripstop fabric as parachutes. We don't recommend strapping the Super Tote and jumping out of a plane, but we assure you it’s a lifesaver for air travel.

The Lock It Super Tote is also tough defense from pickpockets and spills.

The top zipper has a built-in lock and key. Move with confidence through crowded subways, airports and open-air markets. The front zippers are special too. They're injection-molded. That's fancy engineering-speak for "these cool zippers won't snag, no matter what." 

This remarkable travel bag also folds up neatly and can be inserted in its included organizational pouch. Toss it in your luggage and you've got an extra travel tote to carry all the souvenirs you’ll bring home without the extra baggage on the way there. 

Best Airplane Bag Ever

If you're traveling via air, use the pouch for those little in-flight necessities you like to have handy during your flight, like gum, earbuds, hand cream, and lip balm. (Long flight: don’t forget a travel sized toothbrush and toothpaste!) The pouch is slender, fitting perfectly in most seat-back pockets. Then, simply tuck the Lock It Super Tote in the overhead or under your seat and voila—you're ready to jet. 

The Mighty Round Tripper and Jetsetter Travel Duffels

A durable duffel bag is priceless. Crafted of the same rip-stop fabric as our travel tote bag for women, our travel duffel bags are equally lightweight and rich in fabulous features. 

We offer two sizes, both with removable long straps. Toss your duffel over your shoulder with ease or pack the straps to check-in your luggage. 

The Jetsetter—a perfect short stay duffel or extra bag

The stylish Jetsetter is ideal for overnight stays and short trips. It has three exterior pockets and an interior pocket in addition to its detachable small pouch.

Coordinate it with everything you need for a bold adventure—from wheeled weekender bags to eyeglass cases. And, since you can fold it away in its own pouch, it’s the perfect extra bag to throw in your trunk or luggage.

The Round Tripper—because you can take it all with you

Why choose one perfect day-to-night dress? The Round Tripper large travel duffel is ideal for longer trips or people who like to be extra prepared. It includes five handy exterior pockets and two interior. Like the Super Tote, it includes a pouch it can be packed in. So, you can really shop while abroad.

A Lightweight Travel Backpack

Forget leather travel backpack purses. You’re not Indiana Jones and they’re neither lightweight nor collapsible for packing into other bags. Rounding out the list of travel luggage for women are our lightweight travel backpacks. Our Kingston Backpack or Kirby Carry-On Backpack are both perfect travel backpacks. 

Both come from our Heart to Heart Collection, which takes traditional bags to a whole new level. 

These featherweight bags are quilted, making it huggably soft and yet also crushable, packable and super functional. 

The Kingston Backpack has all the features, but is a little more compact, which makes it a great day bag to get you through the airport or pack into your luggage for big day trips while on tour. The Kirby Carry-On Backpack is a bigger version, great for carrying your laptop and a whole bunch of other daily-must haves. 

Side pockets hold your water bottle and whatnots. Inside, pockets organize your every-little-thing. Leather zipper pulls add a neutral accent, and make opening your backpack easy. The bags’ straps are reinforced and padded for extra comfort. Wear it all day without feeling weighed down.

We love these backpacks! 

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