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Unique Gifts for the Girl Who Has Everything

Brighton Your Bag Collection of customizable handbags

She's your friend, your sister, your mom, your wife—and the girl has everything! Or at least it seems like it when you're trying to buy a birthday gift for her. Finding unique gifts for the woman who has everything can be a challenge, but it's not impossible. 

Gift Ideas for Women 

So, what are truly unique gifts for her she is guaranteed not to have?! Think personal, as in personalized things you know she loves. Get the girl who has everything she wants, something totally customized just for her. Unique gifts made by you—without all the anxiety of crafting something she’ll never use. 

We're sharing a few ways to astound that impossible-to-shop-for friend, sister, mom, or wife with unique gifts she will utterly adore. 

Customized Jewelry

You may have heard that jewelry is a good birthday gift for her. We agree and want to kick it up a notch... Personalized jewelry is even better! 

Unique Gifts - Jewelry for Her

Designed with Charm, by You

How could anyone not be charmed by an adorable charm bracelet, necklace, or earrings. In a few minutes, you can create a truly personal gift online with Brighton's beads and charms. The most difficult part to make is making your mind up. Hundreds of beads and charms give you endless options you can build on or pair with. 

Not to worry, with the Charm Idea Lab, we are here to help you find the perfect gift for her. 

You can create a piece that reflects her passions or hobbies, the colors she loves, or a seasonal piece that matches her favorite holidays. Capture a memory or tell a story.

Give Her Options with the Color Clique or Christo Collections

With Color Clique Cords, you select the centerpiece hardware and cord strap from a variety of colors. Each cord is engineered with grooves that fit into all the bracelet hardware! She can switch jewelry and cords as often as she likes with these unique gifts. 

Color Clique Gems allow you to "click" different Swarovski crystals and semi-precious gemstones into jewelry silhouettes, including rings, necklaces and more for the perfectly changeable gift for her. She can switch her gemstone every day of the week—or as often as she likes. Careful, these can be habit forming.

With just a flip, she can change her favorite gift from you to her other favorite gift from you. Brighton's Christo Collection offers beautiful colored leather inserts that totally change the look of Christo Cuff Bracelets. The leather inserts are reversible, giving her two different looks for every one she owns. The styles and options are perfect for the hard-to-please or woman who loves to coordinate perfectly. Get several straps to give her an exponentially fabulous birthday gift. 

Customized Handbags

Creating a customized handbag may seem impossible, but Brighton's Ginger Snappy Minibags give you easy options to make an everyday accessory an everywhere statement.

Ginger Snappy Minibags

Ginger Snappy Customizable Minibags 

It’s like the transformer of fashion handbags—and just as fun. Change flap or body of these amazing handbags in a snap! Brighton's Ginger Snappy Minibags allow you to select each detachable section of the handbag.

Bonus: These customizable handbags make it easy for future gift giving, too! Give her one body and one flap. With new flaps, you’ll have easy add-on gifts for every occasion.

In Store Experts

If you're still feeling stumped about what gift is just right for her, stop by one of our stores or chat with us online. We have experts in the art of gift giving! 

Gift Ideas for Women

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