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Heroically Mini Emergency Kit

Keep big blunders in check with your own DIY mini emergency kit in your handbag. Choose a small cosmetic pouch to keep your bag organized. Or, slip these little fixers into a zipped pocket. Your heroic forethought can certainly save the day. 

Mini emergency kit - beauty

Women's Mini Emergency Kit Checklist

  • Adhesive bandages
  • Antacid or stomach reliefA Mini Leather Coin Purse Makes
    a Perfectly Petite ER Kit
  • Bobby pins, barrettes and/or hair ties
  • Business card or personal information
  • Cash
  • Comb
  • Safety pins
  • Emergency contact phone numbers
  • Makeup or cleansing wipe
  • Pain reliever
  • Sample perfumes, lotions, cleansers, etc. 
  • Small disposable toothbrush
  • Stain remover wipe or stain stick
  • Wrapped mint or stick of gum

You never know what might happen. Keep a small cosmetic bag or travel pouch in your car or handbag filled with quick fixers. 

Mini Emergency Kit Medication

Nothing kills a moment more than headaches, upset stomachs, or aches. You can buy single dose packages of medication at convenience stores. Or, save a little money and put your pills in a small pill box or container. Think about what normal nuisances hit you hardest and be prepared. Lactose intolerant? Prone to migraines? 

Mini Emergency Kits for Your PurseJoyful Heart Pill Box and Mirror Set:
Perfectly Sized Accessories

Keep emergencies from being embarrassing by putting some stomach relief in your emergency kit. Even if you are not the one in need, being proactively helpful makes a great impression on whoever needs a hand in feeling better. 

Helpful Hygiene for a Mini Emergency Kit

A tiny emergency kit of hygiene essentials includes a few hygiene helpers. 

Keep a disposable single-use toothbrush in your ER kit. It’s great for unexpected stays or to quickly freshen up before a conversation. A little tin of mints, gum or a wrapped mint is another great go-to. 

Sample perfumes and facial products are also compact additions to mini emergency kits. They’re perfect for a quick pickup or fresh midday start. You can add a cleansing wipe in a travel size or throw one in a plastic sealable bag for easier on-the-go cleanliness. 

A comb, hair tie, and bobby pins or barrettes help you tame untenable hair. Perfect for unexpected weather.

If a makeup fix is a must for you, include these:

  • Cotton swab with makeup remover wrapped in a plastic bag for cleanups. 
  • Small pencil sharpener (if you use pencils)
  • Concealer
  • A mini eyeliner and/or mascara
  • Lip gloss (samples are fabulous!) 

Emergency Kit Ingredients for Fashion Fails

Life gets messy. Have a way to fix the unexpected fashion fails. Having a safety pin and stain treatment turns big stains or minor tears into no-big-deals. 

Blisters beware. Keep a few bandages to keep you on your toes. 

Emergency Essentials for Unintended Emergencies

It’s a common enough story: lost phone or wallet. Finding yourself stranded is inconvenient and just awful. Keep a list of people you can call 24/7 to help you out. It’s also wise to include your business card or a safe way to contact you in case a good Samaritan finds your lost bag. 

Luckily, you may have only lost one part of your essential accessories. Pack extra cash in your emergency kit. You should have enough to get a cab or wait somewhere safe and warm while your rescue arrives.

Tote-al Emergency Preparedness

You can use a small makeup bag or travel pouch to build your own emergency kit. Also consider a larger bag or travel tote to keep in your car for impromptu outings. In addition to your emergency kit, you can keep a light sweater or jacket, active wear, a small day-or-night dress, or whatever essentials will help you in whatever spontaneous adventure pops up. 

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