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Day-to-Evening Makeup Essentials

The day ahead can be unpredictable. Be prepared for after work outings and impromptu weekends by keeping day-to-evening makeup essentials in a single cosmetic pouch. These makeup checklists and tips are perfect for being ready any time. 

Oh, and don’t forget to find the cutest makeup bags to fit your look and lifestyle! Big or small, bright or breezy—Brighton your day the way you are.

Oh, and these are great makeup kits for beginners, too. 

makeup essentialsLook bright anytime with the right look and the right accessories.

Checklist: Day-to-Evening Makeup Essentials

You don’t need to lug around a big bag to have everything you need in one convenient day-to-evening makeup kit. Multi-task with a well thought cosmetic bag. 

First thing: choosing a larger pouch can give you more space. But, if you are not a fan of big bags, you can still use a few tricks.

Space Saving Tips for Smaller Makeup Bags

Mini-sized or samples for pencils, lipsticks, and mascara

  • Double sided eyeliner pencils for coordinated combos
  • Multipurpose foundations, like powder finishes
  • Darken your daytime lipstick with a darker lip pencil
  • Use a color stick or tint that can help with lips and cheeks
  • Put highlighter, correctors or larger foundations in mini containers that should hold enough for a business week of reapplications. That’s about 5 pea-sized drops for foundation and ten dabs of highlighter. Use an unused contact lens case to keep them together.

makeup essentialsCosmetic bags as adorable as you are!

Day-To-Night Makeup Checklist

  • BB Cream tube
  • Concealer
  • Anytime blush duo with a highlight and cheek rouge color OR bronzer
  • Illuminating liquid or highlighter in a small container
  • Eyeliner in dark brown or black that can be applied with varying thickness
  • Small 3-5 shade eyeshadow palette with a base, highlight and contour color
  • A good mascara 
  • Neutral lipliner
  • Daytime nude lipstick or tint
  • Clear or luminous gloss in a light color
  • Coordinating darker lip color (or red, but if using red, save room for a red liner)

Optional makeup bag must haves: 

  • Mini sized primer 
  • Hairclip for a loose, but elegant up-do
  • Sparkly eyeshadow to overlay
  • Colorful eyeliner
  • Two-sided contour stick
  • White or paler liner in gold, champagne or shimmer
  • Light brown pencil that can be used on eyebrows and lids
  • Small sharpener (if using pots or pens, you can avoid the bulk)

Keep makeup essentials in a small cosmetic pouch that can fit anywhere

Tips for Day-to-Evening Makeup Looks

Compliment your skin tone instead of your outfit. An easy way to cut down on cosmetic clutter for a single day-to-evening look is to keep tones and shades on the neutral side. If you really want to keep a little pop in your bag, choose accents that don’t take up space. A hot lipstick shade that draws attention to your pout or a powerful plum or bronze liner can be a heavyweight hit with a lightweight load. 

Then, embolden your favorite features to draw attention to your strengths. 

Makeup Tips for Going Day-to-Night

If you have time, starting with a clean canvas is always a bonus for your skin health and look. Keeping a few cleansing towels and some skincare minis in your gym bag, desk or handbag is a great ER kit. If you don’t have time, try starting with a primer before you leave home. Pack a cotton swab with a little makeup remover in a plastic sealed bag for cleanups. Or, use a dab of eyeshadow primer or lotion to take care of eye makeup smears. 

makeup essentialsGo anywhere refreshed, from gym to dinner, with a larger cosmetic pouch.

These are a few tips for applying our makeup kit essentials.

Foundation Tips: Sheer Starts

  • Use a BB or CC cream that has buildable coverage and finish off with a strategically used concealer no matter what time of day. 
  • Use sheerer coverage for daytime. You can go a little heavier in the evening. 
  • Aim for a BB cream with an SPF of 15 or more.

Highlighter: Day vs. Night

  • Illuminating highlighters can be mixed into foundation for subtle looks if liquid or used over foundation. 
    • Daytime: Focus on the apples of you cheeks or a little on the eyelids if foregoing eyeshadow. Blending it into your BB cream is a way to keep it subtle, but avoid the t-zone.
    • Evening: Focus on the upper cheekbones and sweep up toward the corner of your eye. A small, well-blended dab at the inner lid area near the eyelash line will brighten tired eyes. 
  • Always blend highlighters well. 
  • Use a bronzer or pack a dual sized contour stick if you want to add some extra contour. Again, use lighter looks for daytime. 

makeup essentialsThe My Michelle Gift Set is perfect for that day-to night pop of color

Day-to-Night Eye Makeup

  • Quickly clean up eyeliner smudges with primer, lotion or bb cream. 
  • Daytime eyeshadow: Keep shadow lighter in the daytime, using your darkest shade lightly or not at all.
  • Evening eyeshadow: Build color, adding to your daytime look. Or, start from scratch. Add darker shadow to the outer edges and higher up along the brow bone, blending from the outside corner towards the inner corner of the eyelid. 
  • Eyeliner anytime: Stick with a thin line, close to the lash line or inside the lid. Browns give a subtler look. You can use across the entire upper lid or halfway across. If trying to minimize bags, avoid the lower lid or use a lighter color. In the evening, simply clean up smudges and use a thicker line in black or brown. Consider a cat-eye. 
  • Pale or white liner: You can use a white liner to brighten tired eyes. Use the white on the inner lid and/or in the inside corners. (You can also use a white liner around the outside of the lips to plump up your pout. Blend well.)
  • If you opted for glittery, shimmery accents, use it above eyeliner or across the lid. Focus on the center and below the brow bone. Or, blend it from the corner outward. It will make your eyes twinkle in the evening light. 
  • One mascara: Use one awesome mascara. Wiggle it slightly side to side to add volume. Use longer strokes for length. For the evening, simply use a few more layers for a little more lash.

Lips for Days—and Nights

  • Use lighter shades for the daytime. 
  • If you choose to use a brighter coral, pink or red in the daytime, use a little lighter gloss to lighten the look. 
  • Whenever using a darker lipstick, keep eyeshadow color lighter. Focus the darkest color around the lash line or outside corner, avoiding the browbone to arch. 
  • Use your lipliner to contour or fill in lips to extend lipstick wear. 
  • Choose a gloss that will go with both your day and night lipstick. A slightly lighter shade over a darker lip should be focused on the center of your lips. 

makeup essentials

A Super Quick Fix: 5-Minute Day-to-Evening Makeup Basics

  1. A little highlighter to brighten your base, which can be mixed into a dab of BB cream.
  2. Concealer touch-up.
  3. Thicken your eyeliner.
  4. A new coat of mascara.
  5. Apply a darker lipstick.

A day-to-evening basic makeup kit is also ideal to keep in any women's travel bag

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