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Brighton Design: A Heritage of Exceptional Bags and Luxury Accessories

Wearing a piece from Brighton is not just wearing any ordinary designer handbag or luxury accessory. It’s wearing the extraordinary. We take pride in going above and beyond from our visionary designers to your wardrobe. 

For more than 40 years, our family-owned company has been building a heritage of quality luxury accessories. We are especially proud of our Masterpieces collection. These luxurious designs are the best work of artists and craftsmen.

Born from the inspiration of our talented design team and the dedication of our craftsmen who have honed their skills over generations, each of these stylish and sophisticated handbags reflects our tradition and care.

hand beaded luxury accessoriesAnju Anju Beaded Soft Bucket

Brighton stands apart from most designers—and so do our handbags and jewelry. Unlike many fashion houses, the designers at Brighton still actually design. It can take several months to craft a Brighton Masterpiece or specialty piece. We pour attention into every detail, handcrafting embellishments and assuring the quality of every piece. We are one of the few remaining design houses where designers sketch each creation by hand and then follow the product from concept to fruition.

Sketches are brought to life using the finest materials available. We use premium leathers sourced from locations all over the globe. Our breathtaking beadwork uses the finest Swarovski crystals, imported from Austria.

We know our customers delight in discovering new treasures that speak to us as if meant for us alone. Our unique handbags truly are crafted for you. We are thrilled to bring these unique, luxury accessories and handbags to you from the visionaries of our design team.


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