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Traveling in Europe is unique from travel in the United States. You'll likely use a lot more public transportation including buses, subways, trains, and light rail. And you're going to be walking. A lot. That requires a special set of accessories that make travel easier and safer so that you can enjoy the adventure. 

Be well-equipped. Here are a few of the best travel tips and accessories for your jaunt across the pond!


First things first, you want a large travel tote  on your flight. best travel accessoriesRound Tripper Duffel and It's Pouch!Jumps over the pond are long and subject to claims. That can make things a little longer and checking in everything may leave you without what you need to stay entertained, in touch, and refreshed. Keep it lightweight to save your shoulders and neck strain.

From our collection, we love the lightweight Lock It Super Tote and Jetsetter and Round Tripper Duffel bags. These bags are designed for women’s travel needs. They all feature: 

  • Lightweight materials
  • Comfortable handles and straps (some of which are removable)
  • Removable slender travel pouches that fit into airline seat-back pockets
  • Zippered pockets to keep things from falling out
  • Multiple outside pockets for organization and access
  • Foldable silhouettes that fit in the included travel pouches

These convertible bags can come along with you as an extra bag for bringing back souvenirs or they can be taken out on day trips. Store the whole thing (folded) in your suitcase or keep it on you as the perfect carry-on. 

The slender pouch is the perfect size for in-seat upkeep: lip balm, eye-mask, socks, ear buds, and the little things that get you through planes, trains, and automobiles. 

best travel accessoriesThe Round Tripper Duffel Fits Everything You Need and Fits in It's Own Pouch


Here are our travel tips for being ready anywhere you go. Travel smart, safe, and prepared. 

Pack Your Bags: Literally.

Leave your large travel tote or duffel in the hotel as you hop from town to town or saunter through museums and shops. (Use the hotel safe for valuables.) Pack the bag you'll be using on a daily basis inside your tote, duffel, or luggage. Putting a smaller bag in your carry-on tote gives you more “one personal item” space without having to carry around a bigger bag in your daily sojourns.

best travel accessoriesChoose a bag that zips up valuables and goes across body.

What kind of bag do I bring for daily travel? 

A crossbody bag small enough to fit in your travel tote, but big enough for you to carry your trekking-around-town essentials is perfect. Crossbody bags are easy to wear and difficult for thieves to snag while you look around. They keep your hands free for photographs, beverages, or shopping.

Go One Step Further. And lighter.

Lighten your load, choose a travel crossbody bag that is also an organizer bag. Our organizer bags include functional pockets for credit cards and cash, so you don't have to take a wallet. They also make it easy to grab exactly what you need.

Handbag Safety Travel Tip:Lock It! The Lock It Super Tote is perfect for airports.The Lock It Super Tote is Perfect for Air Travel

Keep your bag in front of you at all times, rather than behind you. Whenever possible, carry your bag with the pockets towards your body, especially in crowds. This is great theft prevention whether at home or out of town. 

The Brighton Lock It Super Tote is also a great way to keep thieves at bay. It has a locking top zipper, so you can keep the keys on a little necklace or safely in your pocket for crowded places.

Lighten your load: choose a travel crossbody bag that is also an organizer bag. Our organizer bags include functional pockets for credit cards and cash, so you don't have to take a wallet. They also make it easy to grab exactly what you need. 

Travel Pouches 

Last, but certainly not least, happens to be a favorite of the chronically disorganized. Travel pouches are an ultra-easy, effective way not to lose your mind. Um, we mean not to lose those invaluable essentials you always need on hand, but never can find.

best travel accessories

Stay Charged Travel Tip 

Chargers, adapters, and travel cords have an uncanny way of disappearing. A simple solution is to assign them their own, hard-to-leave-behind travel pouch. 

The Pack-It Pouch is the perfect Keeper of Cords. This little number is easy to spot–so setting it out somewhere obvious in your hotel room, can remind you to make sure your cords are in their "home" when you depart. 

The interior of this pouch has mesh pockets, making it easy to see things. It's also large enough to hold most international adapters!

If you're not a techie and prefer makeup over cords, these pouches also happen to be great makeup bags.

Bon Voyage, You Smart Packer, You!

Accessorized with the right travel bags, you're going to find your trip goes a lot more smoothly! Bon Voyage!

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