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Size: OS

Keep your leather piece in tip top shape with Brighton's Leather Cleaner and Moisturizer Kit. (Not for use on suede.)

  • Instructions: Apply cleaner to clean cloth and work into surface of article to be cleaned - do not soak. Wipe off excess and allow to dry prior to applying leather moisturizer
  • Use: Especially formulated for all Brighton leather accessories to clean
  • Warnings: Avoid contact with eyes or proglonged contact with skin and do NOT ingest
  • Weight: 2 Fluid Ounce each bottle
  • Instructions: Apply Cleaner To Clean Cloth And Work Into Surface Of Article To Be Cleaned - Do Not Soak. Wipe Off Excess And Allow To
 Size: OS
Price: $5.50
Status: In Store Only
Color: Multi
Model #: 09445
Item #: 09445
Id: 120194
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