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Ferrara Collection Design

ferrara collection by Carmen Radulescu The Evolution of Elegance
WATCH: An Artisan Story
The Ferrara Collection evolves, influenced by other regions of Europe.
Where it began
The Ferrara Collection was first inspired by the beautiful rose windows found on the façades of all the cathedrals built during the 12th century in western Europe. Die cut, embossed, and edge-dyed by hand, the design of the Ferrara medallion scales in size, lending artisan elegance to whatever it embellishes.

Surface Interest
A few hours away, south of Ferrara, Carmen found further inspiration in the town of Assisi, where she was attracted to the amazing Italian craftsmanship and textures. Mirroring the three-dimensionality of centuries-old stonework, Carmen’s high-polished silver jewelry shines subtly against a micro-beaded background.

Laser-Etched Details
Traveling through Spain, Carmen loved the colors and patterns she saw that take their inspiration from Moroccan textiles. The Ferrara Nova collection features world-class craftsmanship from the laser-cut and laser-etched details to the hammered studs and hand-laced construction.

Ferrara Today
These leathers feature desert colors which are hand-stained. The embossed and debossed pattern is based on hand carved wood – replicating the details of a door in Tuscany, which inspired the collection’s name, “Toscana.” The luxurious bags go through an intricate process to achieve their rich, handcrafted look.

Ferrara Collection

Ferrara Ferrara Bead

Price: $15.00

Lorin Thongs

Price: $185.00
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