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Necklace Style Guide

Necklace Style Guide

Styling tips for our 5 necklace silhouettes

Baby Barbados Cross Body Hobo
Collar necklaces
1 An instant pop to your weekend look with this chic combination. The pearl short collar necklace complements the curve of the crew neck sweartshirt with the addition of the Meridian Pearl Petite. SHOP Collar Necklaces
JoJo in white
delicate necklaces
2 You couldn't resist this blouse, the details are too good but what to wear with it? The detailed finishing of this blouse in the spring trend color of mauve is further romanced by the combination of necklaces. Understated but beautiful. Less is more with these pieces. SHOP Delicate Necklaces
Cher straw
Short Pendant necklaces
3 The short pendant sits perfectly within the V-neck. Take it to the next level by matching the colored gem to one color in the pattern. Highlighting one color of a print or pattern is an easy trick to look pulled together. Less is more with these pieces. SHOP Short Pendant Necklaces
French blue cher
long pendant necklaces
4 Treat all over color like a blank canvas. This wide leg jumpsuit is great for its structured shape. Pair it with a long statement necklace to have a wow moment. Simple lines of the jumpsuit, one bold accessory - say no more. SHOP Long Pendant Necklaces
Ocean Scoop Tote
Long Chain necklaces
5 Pairs well with all necklines. We went with a black bohemian pleated dress to accent the delicate details of the necklace. SHOP Long Chain Necklaces
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