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Thank You, Gifts For Mom


Personalize a Gift Now

Whether it's her birthday, a hard week, or just because her smile is in so many memories, a gift for mom should be as beautiful as she is. Every gift, any day, says thanks for all the love she gives.

Even though Mom will love anything you get her--like that ironing board she never asked for--we still want to get her a gift that will be the showstopper gift du jour.

Show her you're the best kid for the best mom ever with a token big or small and from the heart.

Personalized Gifts for Mom

Giving moms gifts they'll truly love can be tricky. She has given so much to you, it's sometimes hard to know what she wants. One of our favorite gift for mom is a personalized present.

Give her the warm fuzzies with a gift that plans ahead. A personalized gift shows the thought and effort you put into her. You can choose from a wide assortment that feature her favorite color for spectacular jewelry to her favorite photo.

Brighton has beautiful "mom" gifts including charms, necklaces, and bracelets.

Or, go to our charm lab and fill it with things all about her! It's a gift that will surprise and delight mom that you created you've created. Charm jewelry allows you to personalize and impress with very little effort. Choose a necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings, then pick a few beads or charms you know she will love.

Best of all, she can always build on what you give her!

Budget-friendly Personalized Gifts for Mom

Believe it or not, personalized gifts for Mom can be ULTRA personalized without a lot of expense or planning. You've known her all your life. Show her you have learned a thing or two about her.

Create a music playlist that has all of her favorite songs. Or make her a meal with all of her favorite foods. A basket that has her favorite sweets. The possibilities are endless.

One great way to show a little kid-like creativity: make a coupon for a special treat or day that is shared between the two of you. (Slip it into a mini box or wallet for a special surprise.)

Clocks and Frames for Mom

Whether it's a picture of the grandchildren, the two of you, or the loving couple frame something she loves. A beautiful frame with a photo in it is a gift that keeps cherished memories in view.

You can show her how timeless she is with a special clock or watch. Every moment is precious.

Each is a great conversation starter to display on mom's desktop, mantle, or coffee table. She'll love the chance to talk about the best gift for mom ever.

Ready-to-Wear Necklaces for Mom

If you're short on time or just feeling creatively challenged, a ready-to-wear Brighton necklace also is a bright idea. Choose one that has "Mom" or "Mother" engraved on the pendant. Or, choose something pretty and stylish from our larger necklace collection.

Gifting Sidebar Bonus: These also make great mother of the bride gifts. Just be sure you have tissues handy; there will be tears!

A Handbag Gift That She Can Personalize

Show her how handy she is with a designer handbag she can personalize. She can wear it every day, her way. A handbag is timeless, looks great year-round, and you don't have to ask for clothing sizes.

Before you buy her a handbag, consider her style. Is she sporty? Romantic and feminine? Classic? Tailored? Thinking along those lines, there are handbags for every style.

Let her show her flare with handbag accessories like fobs, scarves, and charms. Or, get her a customized handbag she can change everyday or make entirely her own. Snap Happy bags let her switch looks in a snap.

What Type of Handbag? Handbag Style Tips

  • Have an active mom? Webbed straps, quilted, and lightweight fabrics are great for sporty moms. Crossbodies are also ideal.
  • If her style is more romantic and feminine, choose a handbag that has softer lines and delicate details. Something slouchy works well, like a couture hobo or bucket bag. Or, go for a bag that has lacy hardware.
  • Does she love a touch of vintage? Her style might be classic. Top handle bags are an excellent option.
  • If her style is tailored, an organizer is a great choice as they generally have clean lines and are super neat inside.

The Mother Of All Gifts

More than anything, the best gift you can give mom is time with you.

Take mom to brunch, lunch or dinner. Spend the day with her. Listen to her and make her feel special. Make that your priority, and anything else you give her is like icing on the cake. Or jewelry. Or handbag. Or...

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