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Pack the Perfect Women's Toiletry Bag for Travel

The small things count for a lot when you travel. You don’t want to waste time with a trip to the drug store—especially in a foreign place. Pack the perfect women's toiletry bag for travel and keep your time for adventures and souvenir seeking.

Use our travel essentials checklists and tips!

Travel tips - Women's toiletry bag

Packing List for Women's Toiletry Bags

Never forget a thing with this list of essential travel toiletries.

  • Lotion (SPF means sunblock is built-in without bulk)
  • Deodorant
  • Razors and shave supplies
  • Facial regimen:
    Cleanser, moisturizer, and treatments
  • Prescriptions
  • Makeup kit:
    Consider your daytime and nighttime looks; and combine where possible.
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Hair care:
    Shampoo and conditioner (travel sized);
    Ponytail holders, barrettes, clips, bobby pins, or head bands
    Brush and/or comb
    Dry shampoo (travel size)
  • Women’s health toiletries
  • Cotton swabs (You only need a few) or pads
  • Tweezers (For longer trips)
  • Nail care:
    Emery board and/or clippers;
    Any nail strengthener or polish; and
    Remover if applicable (you can find travel-packs to save space)

NOTE FOR AIRLINES: Some of these items may not pass through TSA. We have airline tips below. But, consider putting your in-flight essentials in a separate pouch that will fit in your personal bag. If you are only taking carry-on luggage, keep your women's toiletry bag within regulation sizes and leave the sharp things behind. Sorry, no cuticle scissors on board.

General Travel Tips for Women

Organized Packing Helps Keep Things in Their Place, Not Left Behind

  • Put cords, chargers, and converters in their own travel pouch.
  • Put toiletries you'll leave at the hotel in a separate toiletry bag than your on-the-go makeup bag.
  • Pack only the essentials and stick to minis and travel sized options whenever possible.
  • Bring along a jewelry case if you can't stand to leave your precious treasures behind.
  • Have a secured wallet and practice theft proof tips, like using zipped, cross-body bags worn up front.
  • Have the right travel accessory bag and travel bags for women that fit your destination and travel plans.
  • Get luggage that is as lightweight as it is strong.
  • Use luggage tagsput your personal contact information and hotel destination inside.
  • Know how you'll get from transportation to the hotel ahead of time.

Travel accessories - Women's toiletry bagCross Bodies are Perfect Travel Companions
Wear Them With Pockets Up Front and In-Sight

Airplane Travel Tips for Toiletries

You don't want to bring toiletry bags with shower needs on the plane. But, it may be in your carry on luggage or checkedboth of which require some consideration. Separate your toiletry bags to an in-flight mini kit for long trips and an in-bag toiletry kit.

  • Remember that carry-ons are limited to 4 oz containers for any liquid.Women's toiletry bagOn Board Assistance with Adorable Little Pill Boxes
  • For longer trips (or must have beauty products), pack bottles larger than 4 oz in your checked bag.
  • Always put your creams and fluids in a clear pouch with a zipper or freezer bag in case cabin changes in air pressure cause them to leak.
  • Do not bring multi-tools with metal nail files or small knives as they may get confiscated by TSA.
  • Pack whatever you’ll need to freshen up during flight in a smaller cosmetic pouch. You can keep this in a bag under your seat or in your seat-back pouch.
  • Pack any prescriptions in a pill box that can be carried on you in case you need them on hand. You can reduce bulk by leaving the bottles in your check-in bag.

Women's toiletry bag - travel accessories

Travel Accessories for In-flight Comfort

  • Earphones
  • Earplugs
  • Gum
  • Neck or travel pillow
  • Pain reliever and Dramamine (if applicable)
  • Pen or mechanical pencil and mini notepad
  • Sachet (Quarters are close. A little nosegay helps.)
  • Sleep masktravel accessoriesNotepads and Pens
    Brighton Style!
  • Socks for cold feet
  • Tissue
  • Toothbrush
  • Travel sized deodorant
  • Travel wipes (We suggest facial cleansing wipes and something for your body.)

Check out all of Brighton's accessoriesincluding pens, notebooks, and the most adorable travel pouches.

Tips for Air Travel Comfort

A shawl that works as a blanket or mini pillow can be thrown into your carry on, backpack, or worn onto the plane.

Consider the locking Super Tote for safe, lightweight carry on with a separate pouch perfect for airline comfort essentials. The pouch fits perfectly in the seat-back. Feel secure falling asleep or reading with your carry on nearby with the locking tote. You won’t mind putting it overhead. It’s a sure bet for no spills and perfect safety.

Airplanes can be stuffy, so consider keeping a sachet in your travel toiletries. You can make one at home using things like cloves or tea sewn into thin cloth or secured in a tea cloth. A little whiff will do you wonders. In a pinch, ask for a tea bag.

In business class they bring you hot towels and lemon. If you’re travelling normally, bring a few wet-wipes. Midway through your flight, it never hurts to ask for a wedge of lemon and a little warm water.

For long flights or train rides, consider what you’d be comfortable falling asleep watching a movie in. If those jeans are too tight for a six-hour nap, bring a change of clothes in your bag for exiting.

Women's toiletry bagLock It Super Tote Fits In Its Own Included Pouch

Carry On Luggage Limits and Travel Bags

Carry-on Size Limit is 9 x 14 x 22. That counts wheels and handles. Using a soft duffel, backpack, or soft but strong suitcase will allow a little flexibility on conforming to those dimensions. Just be sure it can fit into that size.

Backpacks can count as a carry-on or your personal bag. If you are bringing a carry-on suitcase or similar bag, wheeling your bag in and wearing your backpack doesn’t include your backpack as a carry-on. If you use a backpack as a carry-on, wear an extra crossbody bag, tote, or handbag.

Rain or Shine Travel Essentials

Check the seasonal weather of wherever you are travelling and pack as needed. Layering is always helpful wherever you are going. Bring a lightweight sweater in addition to a coat that isn’t too tight. Consider lighter weight materials to lighten your bags.

If it’s warm weather you are heading for, pack the following:

Women's toiletry bag

For cold or inclement weather, pack the following:

  • Waterproof jacket with hood, poncho, and/or umbrella
  • Extra socks
  • Thermals and layering shirts and leggings
  • Disposable hand warmers
  • Gloves
  • Scarf
  • Hat
  • Chapstick
  • Sunglasses (snow can be bright)

Don't forget to read our other articles on essential travel accessories for women. You want to go places. Brighton wants to help you get there.

Women's toiletry bagComplete Your Look With Readers, Sunglasses, and the Cutest Cases

And check out our other packing tips for travel abroad!

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