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Your Amulet style personality is...


Stronger than I ever imagined, I face each day as I did the one before — with courage, faith and optimism.

I am empowered, strong, and fearless.

Strength Amulet Collection

Brighton Momentum Arrow Amulet Product

Momentum Arrow

Gain momentum, courage, strength and good fortune with this hammered arrow amulet that sparkles with fine quality crystals at the base.


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Brighton Medaille Shield Amulet Product

Medaille Shield

Paying homage to historic medals and crests, this amulet is a shield representing dedication, loyalty and protection.


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Brighton Voyage Wing Amulet Product

Voyage Wing

Wings are related to the imagination, thought, and freedom, a symbol of impulse, and of movement. This wing is an invitation for you to soar.


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Brighton Plume Amulet Product


Symbolizing flight and freedom, this feather amulet suggests the ability to transcend your mental barriers and limitations, viewing life from above.


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Brighton Taj Elephant Amulet Product

Taj Elephant

Representing wisdom and strength, the elephant is revered as a powerful symbol in many cultures. Adorn your jewelry with this amulet and celebrate longevity and loyalty.


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Brighton Horn Amulet Product


An emblem of glory and strength, this horn lends a spirit of dignity and power to your jewelry. Let its beauty exalt and empower you.


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Brighton Shadowshine Arrow Product

Shadowshine Arrow

Made to inspire you to "Aim High" and "Dream Big," arrow cutouts span an engraved heart.


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Brighton Elli Highlight Amulet Product

Elli Highlight

Young but wise, Elli represents embarking on life's journey, seaking understanding and truth, with ever-increasing knowledge.


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Brighton Marrakesh Bar Amulet Product

Marrakesh Bar

An exotic motif inspired by the open air markets of marrakesh, this etched bar drop points toward the earth, keeping you grounded in calm


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Brighton Deco Arrow Amulet Product

Deco Arrow

An Art Deco motif plays out across this arrow, a timeless style representing strength and direction.


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Brighton Shadowshine Dog Amulet Product

Shadowshine Dog

What better to represent strength of spirit than that tirelessly loyal companion, the dog.


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Strength Amulet Collection

Brighton Momentum Arrow Amulet Product

Momentum Arrow


Brighton Medaille Shield Amulet Product

Medaille Shield


Taj Elephant


Horn Amulet


Plume Amulet


Shadowshine Arrow


Color Theory


Wealth & Prosperity


Calm & Tranquility


Loyalty & Trustworthiness


Prestige & Wealth

Orange Amulet By Brighton


Creative & Adventurous

Maroon Tassle Amulet By Brighton


Confidence, Creativity & Power

Purple Amulet by Brighton


Majestic & Spiritual

Black Tassel by Brighton


Wisdom & Prestige

Red Amulet by Brighton


Passion & Energy

Silver Tassle AMulet By Brighton


Prosperity & Elegance

Pink Amulet by Brighton


Sentimental & Nurturing

Crystal Amulet by Brighton


Purity & Simplicity

Amethyst Teardrop Amulet By Brighton

Amethyst Teardrop

Feelings of Contentment

Crystal Teardrop Amulet by Brighton

Crystal teardrop

Healing & Spirituality

Brazil Blue Teardrop Amulet by Brighton

Brazil Blue Teardrop

Feelings of Calm

Turquoise Howlite Teardrop Amulet by Brighton

Turquoise Teardrop

Love & Friendship

Carnelian Teardrop Amulet by Brighton

Carnelian Teardrop

Warmth & Joy

Carnelian Teardrop Amulet by Brighton

Black Agate Teardrop

Peace & Protection

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