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Belle Jardin Collection


The name for this collection means beautiful garden in French – and what can be more beautiful than a French garden? These pieces showcase the fluttering and blooming beauties that grace lush landscapes – from the Palace of Versailles to the chateaus that dot the countryside. French artist Claude Monet spent his career recreating those images on canvas, and now our designer Catherine has given the garden images gorgeous new forms, in wearable art that you can carry with you everywhere.

I’m so excited to share my new nature-inspired designs with you... I wanted to create a romantic effect, like the Giverny gardens the artist Claude Monet echoed on canvas. You can almost smell the blooming gardens and hear the hum of the wings. It’s fresh, colorful, happy art that you can take with you everywhere.I hope you enjoy wearing these pieces as much as I did creating them.

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Designer notes

With 32,500 embroidery stitches, the garden scene that Catherine envisioned springs to life in these vibrant butterfly wings.
Haylie Embroidered Tote $330 H5466M.

Ethereal garden motifs accent the embroidery of this butterfly with 13,500 stitches
Belle Jardin Flutter Embroidered Pouch $190 E5208M

HAND-PAINTED ENAMEL Our artisans apply the enamel paint using a fine-tip needle. Each color is applied separately, then fired and dried for an entire day. It can take a week to finish the hand-painting for a single piece!

These Spring favorites were designed to complement the garden motif of the Belle Jardin collection.
purple reigns Wisteria is like lavender, only better. It evokes the softness of the delicate petals dripping in clusters from the vines. This color blends or stands out, and complements the colorful garden palette of Belle Jardin.

Illumina Collection 257 Swarovski crystals are hand applied to this intricate butterfly necklace.

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Butterfly blooms Each stunning pendant dazzles with aspectrum of hand-set Swarovski crystals.The butterfly has more than 50 stones in 9 different shapes, sizes and colors.

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Belle Jardin Collection
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