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Nautical - Design

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Seagoing motifs and shoreline treasures are our designer Lisa Spayd-Sendre’s inspirations for each spring season’s coastal collections. Her latest pieces will be your wardrobe’s first-mates.

Inspiration: Under The Sea
Brighton Designer, Nautical Jewelry, & Coin Pouch

I wanted to bring the colorful world under the sea to this collection

Inspired by underwater seascapes and coral reef treasures, Lisa Spayd-Sendre had created new jewelry with yacht-club sensibility to the designs. The mix of silver and gold with white-washed accents make them ideal for pairing with the crisp whites, khakis and denim in every woman's wardrobe.

Under the sea Collection

Inspiration: Ocean Dreams
Brighton Designer & Nautical Jewelry

I am inspired by vintage jewelry and enjoy making my own modern versions.

When you dive beneath the waves, you uncover a magical world of colorful, magificent creatures. That oceanic enchantment is yours to enjoy any time with designer Mavis Peterson's new jewelry that is an ode to the beauty of sea life.

Ocean Dream Collection

Inspiration: Oceaus
Brighton Designer & Nautical Jewelry

The repeated curl of waves off of Malibu coast inspired this collection.

Designer Onofre Casas loves living in Los Angeles, home to some of the most famous coastlines in the U.S. While visiting the seaside town of Malibu, he was inspired by the ocean waves rolling onto the beach, capturing them in this collection.

Oceanus Collection

Nautical Background

2020 Coastal Collection

CRUZ Port Small Tote

Price: $395.00

CRUZ Cruz Card Pouch

Price: $80.00

All Aboard Charm

Price: $24.00

Light Beacon Charm

Price: $24.00

Sea Ya Charm

Price: $18.00

Overboard Charm

Price: $18.00

Take Me Away Charm

Price: $27.00

Interlok Amari Tote

Price: $270.00

Set Sail Charm

Price: $18.00

Compass Charm

Price: $16.00

Sammy Seal Charm

Price: $13.00

Myrtle Charm

Price: $11.00

Woven Bead

Price: $11.00

Molly Spacer

Price: $9.00
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