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Why Brighton - Meet Wholesale


In every part of the company, Brighton has a story to tell – about how we are inspired to make our products, and about the people who make it possible for us to produce our accessories, connect with our customers and recruit the talented newcomers who will continue to join our ever-growing Brighton Family.


I decided to work for Brighton because here you become a Brighton Family member. You are allowed to be yourself, and you can express your creativity – allowing you to do your part for the future of the company. Further, you work side by side with the most passionate people and it is contagious. Everyone has their share in opening the doors to the business, creating a secure future for you. Your actions make the company prosper – knowing that you will have a job tomorrow allowing you to provide for yourself and your family. Above all, however, is that after 43 years, I look forward to getting up in the morning and come to work.

Director of Manufacturing MICKEY ZALDIVAR

My name is Mickey Zaldivar. I am the Director of Manufacturing for Brighton Collectables. I have been with Brighton since 1981 so I have witnessed firsthand our incredible growth. Throughout all this time, I have been met with a multitude of challenges. Without exception, we have been able to overcome this situations and forth ahead. It is my belief that we have accomplished this by working together as a team. We at Brighton always have a clear understanding of what our goals are and there is no hesitation from all of us to help in any way we can, not only in our own area, but also in any other field where our help is needed.
Brighton has offered me a place where I have grown professionally and where I am lucky to work with a group of fellow managers that constantly challenge each other to excel so that our company continues to grow and prosper.

Accounts Specialist FELICIA LETTMAN

When I was hired 22 years ago, I never thought that this would be my “DREAM” job. I soon learned that Brighton was an amazing company and I was so excited to be part of it. I have had the opportunity to be part of the growth of the company, which has been a blast! I can still say today, “Brighton and the people at Brighton are such a blessing in my life”, professionally and personally.

Corporate Recruiter CHRISANNE GOODWIN

The positive atmosphere at Brighton is noticeable at all levels. People smile; people are helpful; people are upbeat; people are genuine! Brighton is a people-focused environment where everyone matters – and that’s what I like the most.

Handbag Accounts Specialist IVETTE HERNANDEZ

My background had always been in the Customer Service field. I was looking for a company that offered growth potential where I could utilize my work experience. When I interviewed at Brighton, I was astonished by how nice everyone was. That was 20 years ago and I can honestly say I feel very fortunate to be part of such a great company. Brighton has given me the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. I consider this to be my second home. The passion for the brand is evident in all areas of operation. Most importantly, the people are like no others. Brighton truly creates a huge and caring family for every partner.

Accounts Specialists BRENDA SANCHEZ

I’ve been with Brighton for 24 years, and I’ve worked with Brighton Retail stores since 2000. I’ve had the same amazing work partner for 13 years! I love the people, job variety and our product. My personal favorites are the Meridian Swing and Contempo collections. One of the things that make Brighton such a great place to work is that it is owned and run by the Kohl family, and that personal touch can be felt not only in our customer service, but here in our home office, too.

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