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How To Pack When You’re Going Abroad

Wheels up – fashion on! Look chic on every continent.

With overhead storage shrinking every year, it makes more sense than ever to pack lightly. At Brighton, you can find lots of products that cater to every woman who wants to look stylish while packing efficiently.

Why Travel Light?
  • It's liberating! Packing light can change your life
  • Life is simpler with less stress—more easily navigate terminals
  • You'll save money– avoid checked baggage fees
  • Security—less bags to worry about—less likely to lose items
  • Save time at airports, bus stations, packing, finding items
  • Reduce back pain

  • Details
    Our Live Love Travel collection is crafted using ripstop fabrics, which are woven fabrics. We use a special reinforcing technique that makes them resistant to tearing and ripping.

    Sketchbook Weekender
    1. A zip pocket holds a passport & travel essentials

    2. Totes and duffels come with a removable pouch. You can fold and place them in the pouch. Great to store or for extra packing.

    Fashion City

    Our Live Love Travel collection is crafted using ripstop fabrics with a special reinforcing technique. This collection is lightweight, fashionable and durable.

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