Brighton Designer - Stacey Lau

When designing footwear, Stacey is inspired by a mix of vintage and modern influences... like 1940s style infused with modern technology. She loves creating lasercut leathers because they offer limitless possibilities for design.

How did you become a designer?
From an early age, I loved to not only draw, but to re-design my clothing.

How did you come to Brighton?
I first met Jerry Kohl, Brighton’s founder, while taking photos of store windows in the streets of Paris over 20 years ago. After taking a hiatus to raise my two sons, I saw a Brighton job posting and thought this would be my perfect job! I was hired to design Brighton footwear in 2006.

Current playlist?
1940s and ’50s jazz standards, classic rock, Brazilian and ’80s rock.

Ever encounter a person wearing your designs?
Yes, I once told a woman that she was wearing one of my shoes. I explained that I had designed them, which astonished her as she had never met a shoe designer. It turns out that she had several of my Brighton designs. We’ve been close friends ever since!

Who inspired you?
My parents inspired me to always put family first. My art teacher inspired me to choose a career in the arts. My sons inspire me to be compassionate, hard-working, and charitable.

Favorite Collections
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