Brighton Designer - Trang Huynh

On Trang Huynh’s desk you’ll find lots of markers, several rulers, papers, and drawings—it’s where she designs her gorgeous handbags, like those in our Tivoli Trellis Collection .

Originally from?

What would you tell your 20-year-old self?
Be yourself. Do more and fear less.

How did you become a designer?
When I was younger, I drew all over the walls and schoolwork. Watching my mom make clothes led me to want to make things as well.

What’s your background?
I studied clothing design at FIDM and did bridal dress design as my first job. I co-founded Isabella Fiore, an accessory company, in 1995 – we made hats, scarves, flower pins and, later, handbags. From 2005 through 2011, our next handbag company, Lockheart, flourished. Handbag design has been my passion for two decades.

Your happy place?
At home with my dogs. In fact, I just love dogs! I’ve been doing animal rescue for a few years. It’s a nice balance between work and something completely different, and I get to save lives.

Trends you’re loving?
I’m loving embellishment – like adding embroidery, applique, and color-blocking to core designs. It’s very exciting!

Favorite Collections
Newberry Collection
Tivoli Trellis Collection
Heart to Heart Collection

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