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Brighton Designer - Onofre Casas

Designer Onofre Casas originally studied—and still has a passion for—automotive design, graduating with a degree in industrial design with an emphasis in transportation. Look closely and you may see echoes of this lifelong love in some of his motifs, with their clean, streamlined lines.

Originally from?
Guadalajara, in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, is my birthplace and always in my heart.

How did you become a designer?
I’ve always had a curiosity for how things worked and what made things catch your eye.

What did you study?
I have a passion for automobile design, and it led me to the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, one of the best schools for automotive design.

Who inspired you?
My father, for his love and determination to provide for me, guide me on the right path, and teach me good morals. And for his unconditional support in my career choice, without him understanding fully what I was studying. I can never repay him.

Your cure for creative block?
I doodle and let the pen do what it wants. Sometimes it can seem chaotic, but it gets my creativity going.

Favorite artist?
Frank Gehry, the architect. The more I pass by the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the more I admire it. Depending on the time of day, the light creates wonderful contrasts on its surfaces.

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