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Brighton Designer - Lien Hoang-Kaufman

Inspired by her children's wonderment and curiosity, designer Lien Hoang-Kaufman tries to see the world with fresh eyes. She appreciates the tiny details in her everyday surroundings, like gazing up at the stars through a telescope. This inspired her ethereal Halo Collection.

What led you to be a designer?
I’ve always found drawing to be a relaxing, enjoyable activity. I knew I wanted an artistic career. Now I am living my dream of drawing for a living, and having my creations produced into tangible pieces is incredible.

What’s your background?
I studied fine arts and fashion design in Pasadena. I’d grown up sewing, and began as a sample maker at my family’s garment manufacturing business. I saw a design support opportunity at Brighton, assisting designers and creating technical line drawings. I was given a few design projects. After six years of designing charms and jewelry while still doing design support duties, I became a full-time designer.

Favorite quote or motto:
"Sometimes the smallest things take up the biggest room in your heart."

Your designs are?
My designs are usually delicate, dynamic, and colorful. I like sculptural things full of dimension and depth, and I tend to sketch in small scale.

Originally from?
I’m Cantonese, born in Vietnam, raised in L.A.

What’s on your desk?
Pictures of my family and Swarovski crystals.

Favorite Collections
Designer inspiration video
Halo Collection
Infinity Sparkle Collection

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