Brighton Designer - Beth Barror

Beth Barror is inspired by the interesting patterns, textures, and vibrant colors she discovers when traveling to Santa Fe and when viewing contemporary fine art. One of her best loved collections is the Barbados Collection.

What’s your background?
I originally studied chemical engineering, but my attention waned. One day my best friend, who watched me sew all the time, asked why the heck didn’t I study fashion design? She was right.

Favorite song?
The birds in the trees, the wind through the leaves, the crunch on the gravel when my husband comes home from work.

Your biggest influence?
Brighton’s founder, Jerry Kohl, because he is a consummate striver.

What makes a great design?
Thinking hard before a pencil hits the page. When will this be worn and with what kind of outfit? What will it feel like to carry this? Then start to draw, lots of little sketches, the stream of consciousness. Then choose what feels right and start working out the large version. And most importantly, knowing how to edit!

How do you continue to learn?
I am so impressed by the other Brighton designers – it reminds me that there is always something more to learn, and room to grow.

Favorite Collections
Designer inspiration video
Barbados Collection

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