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Brighton Designer - Ava Manukyan

Brighton designer Ava Manukyan describes leaving her native Armenia and heading towards the unknown as the biggest risk she has ever taken. That risk has proved worthwhile, as she is an accomplished designer whose beloved collections include Mumtaz and Alcazar.

How did you become a designer?
I took after my father who was highly creative. I started to draw before I walked. All my life I was painting, sculpting, and coming up with new things.

What's your background?
My formal education is in fine arts and industrial design from the University of Fine Arts, Yerevan, Armenia. My practical training in jewelry design was with my husband, who is a master fine jeweler.

Your first job?
I was a restoration artist of miniature paintings of illuminated manuscripts.

Your hidden talent?
Operatic singing and playing piano.

Your proudest moment?
After 10 years of cooking almost every day, my husband said my dolmas were better than his mom's. That was an achievement...since my husband is hard to please and his mom was a great cook.

Your design perspective?
I am passionate about tasteful, artful style that stays in women's wardrobes for a long time.

Favorite Collections
Designer inspiration video
Nazca Collection
Alcazar Collection
Moderna Collection
Mamounia Collection
Sahuri Collection
Mumtaz Collection
St. Michel Collection
Baroness Collection
Spectrum Collection
Tamal Collection

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