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Brighton Designer - Catherine Hong

Catherine Hong's designs are known for their bold patterns, lush colors and variety of textures. She's inspired by decorative objects that pack a punch, and often uses intricate embroidery in her designs, including her latest collection, Casablanca Garden.

Describe your designs…
Colorful and happy.

What's your background?
After getting a B.S. in speech pathology, I pursued a textile design degree at FIDM. I designed textile patterns while tinkering with vintage beads on the side. When an accessories design opportunity opened up at Brighton, I felt it was the perfect match to meld my love of 3D art, patterns, embroidery, and interest in “function.”

What's on your desk?
All my drawing and coloring tools, and sentimental or inspiring mementos.

Something we don’t know…
I’m a classically trained pianist and have played since age 4.

What inspired your new tile print?
Exploring little shops filled with Majolica pottery in Deruta, Italy — and seeing the pieces being made.

How do you continue to learn?
I’m curious by nature. Discovering and researching is something I do daily.

Favorite Collections
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