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Iconic Heart

HeartsExpressions of Love

Throughout history, the heart has remained one of the most iconic shapes. As our signature logo, it represents the passion our designers and artisans have for every item we create.

Just as love takes many forms, so do the hearts in our collections – some look like hand-crafted masterworks, some are lacy and modern and still others are studded with the world's finest crystals from Swarovski.
Styling Tips:
  • Layer up – wear one statement heart necklace with multiple non-pendant necklaces
  • Everyday go-to piece that reflects your romantic nature
  • Make a stunning statement...wear a bold heart!
  • Sweethearts – mini to small heart pendants
  • Sculptural, framed and open hearts
Shop This Story

Vibrant Heart Amulet

Price: $25.00

Open Heart Charm

Price: $18.00

Big Love Charm

Price: $15.00

Heart Slide Bracelet

Price: $38.00

Love Eau De Parfum

Price: $44.00
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